6 Best Places in Missoula For Students to Study and Write Essays

School is back in session and you probably have a truckload of schoolwork staring you in the face. You have numerous tests to study for and a gazillion essays to write before the semester runs out. But how do you do it?

Well, there’s an easy solution. On the one hand, you can easily hire an essay writing service to help you write your essays. However, if you prefer to do the work yourself, you should start off by finding the right environment.

As a student, there are days when you just don’t feel like studying in the library or dormitory. Fortunately, there are several Missoula coffee shops and sites where you can easily study and write your essays with no form of distractions. In fact, most of these sites aren’t so far off from Missoula college, so you won’t have to stray too far away from the campus. So here’s the list of the top spots to consider.


Kulture is an ambient, student-friendly coffee shop that’s just perfect for writing that killer essay that has been on your desk for weeks. It is one of the newest coffee shops in Downtown Missoula but is fast becoming a students’ favorite.

One interesting feature of this coffee shop is its seating arrangement. It has several coaches and a seating area just in front of the windows. This seating arrangement allows students to get sufficient natural lighting for studying.

What’s more, it stays open till 11 pm, so you don’t have to hurriedly pack your books at 6pm like you would normally do at a library.

Zootown Brew

If you like a comfortable area with a business-like feel, then this downtown coffee shop is for you. Zootown Brew has a safe aura with just a hint of formality that’s perfect for students who are trying to get in a few extra hours of study.

It has a small lunch collection just in case you get hungry while studying. It also has a very reliable Internet connection that will get you through any online research that you have to do.

On the downside, the music can be a little distracting, especially if you prefer silent environments when studying. However, this isn’t necessarily a huge problem as the volume is always at a reasonable level.

Talc Gallery and Coffee House

When writing an important essay, we all need a quiet environment with no distractions at all in order to get our creative juices flowing. Well, Talc Gallery and Coffee House is the answer.

This new coffee house is quite cozy and offers students the perfect environment for studying and writing a killer essay. Here, you can get speedy internet, nice treats and great coffee to top it off. The beautiful decor will also help to fan the embers of inspiration whenever you hit writer’s block. But that’s not the best part yet.

Talc Gallery and Coffee House has several paintings, jewelry and ceramic art displayed around the Cafe and this can make for a very interesting view during your reading breaks.

Caras Park

Want to enjoy a bit of nature while studying? Then this place is for you. Caras Park is a great choice for students who love staying outside and prefer to feel the cool breeze on their cheeks while studying. On days when it’s warm out, this park offers you a refreshing and relaxing study experience.

It has nice grassy patches and comes with no distractions at all. If you like to be left alone while studying, you will definitely love this park. It also has several reading benches where you can sit comfortably for as long as you want.

Mount Sentinel

Sometimes, getting the perfect studying environment requires you to walk extra miles and get your blood pumping. Well, here comes Mount Sentinel. Also known as Mount Woody, this mountain is located in one of the best college towns and is quite close to the University of Montana.

This peaceful mountain offers you a great view of the city and campus and is a great spot for students who just want to get away from the noise of the city. However, if you’re interested in studying or writing your essay on this mountain, don’t forget to grab a bottle of water as you may get dehydrated from all that hiking.

Mansfield Library

The Mansfield Library is simply perfect for students who prefer traditional studying environments. It is everything you will expect a college library to be. It has all the silence you could ask for and several resources to help you study better.

What’s more, you can easily run into your course mates and get a study partner on the spot.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best spots to study or write an A+ paper in, the coffee Missoula shops listed above will serve just fine. You can also check out the Mansfield Library if you prefer something more traditional or Mount Sentinel if you like unconventional environments.


Amanda Dudley is a professional writer and lecturer with several years of experience up her sleeves. She has a Ph.D in History from Stanford University and has spent most of her career teaching both graduates and undergraduates. She currently works as a part-time essay writer for EssayUSA where she delivers high-quality term papers and academic assignments in time.