4 Ways To Turn Your Air Travel Experience Into Luxury Event

Flying used to be much more prestigious back in the day. That being said, there are still ways you can give your air travel experience a hint of luxury and class. 

Modern airlines are all about comfort, which makes even the economy class a good place to be in. We’ve put together 4 tips that will spice up your flight and make you feel like royalty! 

Explore the World of Airport Lounges 

Unless you’re flying first or business class, there’s a good chance that you’re missing out on the wonderful world of airport lounges. What used to be a perk reserved only for VIPs is now available to anyone. Many airlines have their own lounges that you can gain access to by purchasing various passes or simply by using a specific credit cart. 

There are also independent lounges that almost anyone can use. The reason why lounges give you that hint of luxury is that they’re usually luxurious by default. Instead of moping around the waiting area counting down minutes until you board, you can spend your time enjoying a cocktail of your choice while reading a magazine. Next time you fly, try a lounge. 

Use Luxury Cab Services

Getting to and from the airport is an integral part of the whole air travel experience. Almost every city around the world has its own luxury airport cab service. There’s nothing better than being picked up at your home in New York, enjoying a comfortable flight to say Slovakia, and being picked up by Bratislava Airport Taxi to continue to your location. A good taxi service rounds up the whole experience and serves as a perfect epilogue to a comfortable flight. 

Most luxury taxi services in places like Europe will let you choose the type of vehicle that will pick you up at the airport. The best thing about European and Asian cabs is the fact that they use all kinds of premium European car brands. There are only a few better ways to get yourself from the airport to your destination than in the backseat of a new Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Invest in Quality Luggage 

Modern airports are anything but gentle to luggage. There’s nothing worse than having to deal with a broken bag or suitcase when you land. Avoiding any such awkward situations comes down to treating yourself with quality luggage. Truth be told, there are more reasons for this than simply ensuring your clothes will be accounted for when you land. 

Your luggage bag is usually your closet when you travel. A cheap suitcase will be a nightmare to deal with for travels that take more than a day. On the other hand, a quality piece of luggage will allow you to reach all of your belongings without having to go through top layers to get to what’s underneath. Being able to avoid the whole luggage hassle when traveling is definitely a form of luxury everyone should pursue. 

Upgrade Your Ticket 

Unless you’re flying with a low-cost airline, even the economy seats will be fairly comfortable. Bonus points if you book the emergency row and get to enjoy all that extra legroom. That being said, there comes a point where economy class simply isn’t cutting it anymore. There is only so much luxury you can extract from the most basic service an airline has to offer. In that case, it’s a good idea to upgrade. 

Upgrading your ticket to business class, or even first class isn’t a matter of necessity, but comfort. Treat yourself to a luxury flight, endless legroom, in-flight entertainment, and quality food.

Enjoy the top-tier service provided by a highly trained aircrew — it’s worth the extra cost. Speaking of which, there are ways to upgrade without paying the full price of the first-class ticket. Sometimes all you need to do is ask politely. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. Alternatively, many airlines often run sales on their business class tickets. If you’re patient enough, there’s a chance you can grab an affordable ticket to whatever destination you’re planning on visiting. 

Explore the Finer Things In Life 

Luxury air travel is often reserved for those who don’t mind the extra costs involved. That being said, it’s perfectly fine to treat yourself to a comfortable flight from time to time. It’s a matter of enjoying the finer things in life. 

Everyone should do it. We hope that these four simple tips have inspired you to look for ways of making your air travel more classy and luxurious. If you loop deeper, you’ll notice that we’ve only scratched the surface.