4 Reasons Why You Should Visit National Parks in the US

America hasn’t been around long enough to hoard a collection of historic sites like the great towers of Europe or South-East Asia’s ancient shrines. However, the USA makes up for what it lacks with an untouched natural spectacle. From magnificent coral reefs to snow-capped mountains, thick forestry cover, to monochromatic vegetation, the US boasts beautiful and diverse landscapes. National Parks cover about 84.6 million acres or an equivalent of 3.4% of the US. The USA has about 58 National Parks, which span 27 states. These parks are full of wonders waiting to be discovered. If you’re a nature lover, or a city-dweller looking to see a bit of green, you need to make your way to a National Park near you. If you’re yet to visit any of the US National Parks, here are four reasons to do so.

1. Affordability

National Parks are the best vacation destinations for any traveler on a budget. However, the entrance fee might vary for each National Park. Based on a review at https://www.mapthememories.com/a-complete-us-national-park-list/, even the best iconic destinations will only set you back a few dollars. For example, a vehicle permit for the Great Canyon only costs $30. Additionally, a weeklong individual pass to Yellowstone costs merely $15 per head. Day prices may vary by park, but from one standpoint, an annual pass is only $80.

What’s more, all kids under 15 will be admitted free. You can also consider renting a campsite which can be as low as $14 to $15 a night. The best thing is that some National Parks offer free entrance days. This means they open up the parks to everyone for no cost. You can tag along with friends or family and have the best nature experience all for free!

2. Connect with Other Nature Lovers

With fewer distractions, there’s a good chance you’ll likely connect with other nature lovers. Also, helping keep national parks alive is essential to the local nature lovers who work in parks. Hikes can be great to connect with nature lovers. For instance, a 4-mile hike can quickly turn into 10 miles of taking wrong turns while also having fun along the way. Such walks can help you build a connection that you might need later in life. You might learn a thing or two about someone you met on a nature hike. This also helps spread joy to some of your friends. In today’s world of social media, it’s easier than ever before to share a picture of you having fun at a national park. While you may not realize it, this is also a marketing opportunity you’re giving the park for free.

3. Continuity of History

Globally, every country wants to safeguard the elegant wonders within its borders, and the US is no different. Many countries globally have created systems in place to preserve their natural landscapes for the continuity of history. National parks are a mark of cultural and natural heritage. Ideally, every national park has a story to tell. Every area of land protected was revered and loved long before America was established. For instance, fishing and gathering in what is currently Glacier Bay was once a way of life for natives. You, too, can partake in being part of this great history. By visiting parks, you’re helping keep the rich history of parks alive. Every park carries a tale that needs to be passed down across generations. These tales are carefully preserved so that everyone can learn from these stories. If you understand these stories, it creates a sense of national pride.

4. Educational

If you want to understand how nature found in national parks occurred, there’s a high chance you’ll find it within the park. There’s geology, science, history, and conservation that will be taught to you. This is also an excellent opportunity for children to learn. For instance, some parks have museums where you can walk in with plenty of information displayed along with collected artifacts. Plaques are placed almost everywhere in a national park, which helps you understand what you’re looking at in a specific area. This also gives you an insight into what happened in that area. Every national park also has tour guides available at your service. This means you can learn more as you walk into a park. For children, they get to know how certain things happened and what caused them.

In the US alone, national parks support hundreds if not thousands of people with jobs. The parks also generate billions of dollars to support the economy. When you visit a park, you support the country’s protected lands and the people who help protect them. Finally, going outdoors has a lot of benefits for your health. Researchers say there’s a mutual relationship between humans and nature. So, get out there and connect with mother nature!