4 Features of a High-Quality Mobility Scooter

If you have trouble moving around or have trouble walking long distances due to arthritis or any other chronic issue, then you might want to consider getting a mobility scooter. It is relatively easy to find, but different factors can affect your decision. 

You need to be aware of the different kinds of mobility vehicles out there. Mobility vehicles are categorized into three different classes. Class 1 is a manual scooter, which is a regular wheelchair that needs to be pushed by someone. While this can be quite helpful and affordable, it may not always be the best fit for those who want more independence. Class 2 vehicles give the person more maneuvering control. They can be used both indoors and on the pavement which is great if you want to use them inside your home as well as outside. Class 3 mobility vehicles come in the form of a scooter or power chair and are only used outdoors, specifically on the road.

If you want to be sure that you’re making the right choice, then look for the following 4 features, as they determine that your choice will indicate that the scooter that you choose is high in quality.

1. Fit

The first feature you should look for in any kind of mobility vehicle is the fit. You do not want to purchase a scooter that you are uncomfortable driving. Scooters vary in size, and you will have different options to consider depending on your weight and your height. Usually, you will find all the specs of different mobility scooters listed, so you can find ones that fit your requirements and measurements. If you think about it, the whole point of getting a mobility scooter is to remain comfortable and keep your legs and feet well-rested. If the fit of the scooter does not allow that, then it defeats the purpose of getting one in the first place.

2. Controls

Controls differ from one scooter brand to another. This makes it extremely important to be aware of the control options that each one offers. If you are unable to navigate these controls because they are too complex, then you should consider looking for a different scooter with easier controls.  If you are unsure what different controls are available when it comes to mobility scooters, the folks behind https://mobilityparadise.com/ state that getting other users’ reviews can help give you an idea of how well different controls work. Too many buttons or levers can get really confusing. Imagine trying to brake and accidentally accelerating instead? Not only will this cause damage to your mobility vehicle, but it may lead to injuring yourself or others around you.

3. Safety

Safety is another feature that you should think about when trying to find the perfect scooter for you. For example, if you plan on using your scooter on the road or pavement at night, then it needs to have front and rear lights to ensure that you have good vision and that people in other vehicles are aware of your scooter. Other safety measures include an acceleration and braking lever that immediately stops the scooter if you take your hand off it. This ascertains that in case of any emergency the scooter stops moving to ensure that you do not get an injury from the scooter colliding with another object. Safety is quite important and cannot be overlooked and there are different factors that you need to be aware of under this feature.

4. Storage

One of the most important features you need to consider when it comes to buying a high-quality mobility scooter is how much storage space you want. In some cases, a scooter will have a small compartment in which you can store your belongings while out on the road. There might also be a basket in the front, just like on a bicycle, or in the rear. If a scooter does not have one but has all the other features, you can easily purchase a mobility scooter accessory to have more storage. A good quality scooter will have a substantial amount of space for you to use to store your stuff without having to worry about it falling out or being stolen.  After all, you do not have to be carrying a bag while driving a scooter because it may fall, and it can even hinder your movement.

Although they seem very simple, these four factors can greatly influence how comfortable and safe you are when driving a scooter. Of course, generally speaking, there are other factors such as pricing that will affect your choice. However, using these four different features as a checklist, you will easily find a mobility scooter that is high quality and safe to use.