3 Facts You Should Know About Water Damage Marketing

When someone sets up a water damage company, they expect to spend most of their time fixing it. This would include addressing the structural damage caused by the damp, and removing the tell tale signs. By the time the work has been finished, there should be no more mold or water stains,  damp or musty smells. 

In order for the business to become established and to grow however, time and money will need to be spent on the marketing process. This could include anything from cold calling to leaflet drops, or the online aspects. Many people feel that’s not ‘what they signed up for’ because they prefer the practical side of their job. We are now going to discuss the three key elements for marketing water damage companies. 

1. You Need A Decent Website

A water damage specialist may have become fully trained and licensed, and possess all the equipment they need. Sadly, this will not be enough if potential customers can’t discover them when they search. Most companies need to maintain an online presence, and it’s insufficient to only be found on social media. 

The public needs to be able to find your website when they look on Google, and to like what they see. Folk expect to discover user-friendly sites, whether they are accessing them from a computer or a smartphone. People want to learn from the home page exactly what your company is about. They also expect to find a ‘Contact Us’ option.

Extra Help

Fortunately there are third party companies that can help businesses with this. A visit to the specialist marketing website at https://restorationboost.com/ confirms that help can be customised to meet the company’s needs. Digital marketing agencies that work with local and national businesses can help bring business to the door on a consistent basis. 

When third parties incorporate local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) into the company websites, this can help encourage local custom. 

2. You Need To Be Discovered


Water damage companies can’t just create their websites, and then sit back and wait for the business to roll in. It’s true that if their business pages have been optimised for their target audience, they may be found when people search online – but it’s also true that businesses need to actively reach out to be noticed. If they harness the power of Google Ads (Ad Words), they will appear at the top of peoples’ search results as a ‘sponsored site.’ This is technically known as ‘pay per click’ advertising. 

When people go shopping on Amazon, they frequently read the customer reviews before they buy. It’s the same with people choosing local businesses. Over 80% of people want to read at least ten client reviews before they reach out. Water damage companies are therefore advised to encourage their customers to post a review online. This can enhance the power of their website and social media presence to generate sales. 


Many business websites contain free blogs that provide specialist help for the public. This regular quality content is produced for a specific purpose: to inspire peoples’ trust in the company as specialists, and to encourage sales. When people read the blogs they can also discover special links directing them to the company’s online sales pages.   

Social Media

When companies regularly maintain their social media pages, they also have a powerful tool in their hands: they can use their posts to provide helpful information, and to also advise on discounts and special deals. There’s also Facebook and Instagram ads that can reach your current followers, or a specific target audience. This could be narrowed down to gender, age and locality. 

3. Third Party Assistance Can Help

We have already discussed how these agencies can help bridge the gaps in a company’s knowledge. They can devise high-end websites for companies, and provide helpful free e-books and strategy sessions. In addition, some companies can create, optimise and manage the ad campaigns. 

Some third party businesses provide ongoing new business leads. Each one may cost between $100 and $300. It can be better to pay a company for an exclusive lead than for one that will be shared with other companies: whilst many leads may be received, they won’t necessarily generate more business. Transparency is the key here. Find out all you can from any company that offers this service, and be keen to receive all the statistics you can. 

All businesses need to consider how they will continue to attract custom, and also to grow. As we have seen, there are several ways to achieve this. Professional help is also on hand should it be required.