Useful Money Apps You Need to Know About

Finance is a huge part of everyone’s life in this day and age. Without a steady financial plan, goals, and discipline, life can be quite difficult. But as many people say, there’s an app literally for everything these days, thanks to mobile technology advancements over the past decade. This means that there are various apps out there that can help you with regards to planning, budgeting, and managing money matters. With this having been mentioned, here are some useful money apps you need to know about.

1. Digitized Banking Apps 

Is the memory of your parents piling and filing receipts to calculate expenses on a pen and paper at the end of the month vivid in your head? Well, if so, you also recall how they would scratch their heads when trying to trace, allocate, budget, and balance the books. Thankfully, we live in a digital age where transactions can be conducted digitally from the comfort of one’s location.

The banking industry has revolutionized greatly these days, and you can easily access your money whenever you need to through your phone, tablet, or laptop. You can access a myriad of bank services, from paying bills to loan management, account management, and transactions. You no longer have to cue on the line to get bank services.

This can all be done through various digital platforms, from online banking or e-banking to mobile banking and mobile app banking. Today, we have numerous money apps that help you save money and time while adding convenience to your life. Kyle Burbank from Dyer News talks of how the digital banking app called Credit Karma Savings offers these benefits. He reveals the various features contained in the app, including the following:

  • Manual funds transfer
  • Automated money transfers
  • Sweepstakes
  • Money-Saving feature
  • Earning interest

2. You Need a Budget 

Well, everybody indeed needs one, right? However, You Need a Budget, commonly abbreviated as YNAB, is an app that actually helps you create and maintain one. It has four guiding principles that assist the user in having financial discipline. Budget for significant expenses, live by last month’s income, allocate a job for every dollar, and roll with the punches. There is a one-month free trial that allows users to get familiar with it, and most users have testimonies of how they have saved quite some amount on using the first trial. This urges them not to hesitate to subscribe to the $6.99 per month plan. The app allows you to set financial goals while enjoying various bank-synced services. It also provides you with a “Stuff I forgot to budget for” section, which spreads your financial discipline.

3. Wally 

We have all regretted financial decisions at one point in life, but this app can help fix the feeling and do most of the work. The app will equip you with the knowledge and understanding of your finances with a mission to carpet your financial journey. A plus for you when using this app is that all your information is secured in your phone, not in the app. It is said to be great at ensuring privacy and security and it supports different foreign currencies. This means that if you are a traveler or digital nomad, you have no issues spending outside your country. It continually reminds you of how much you have left to spend based on your budget, so you can squeeze and adjust for the money to take you through the next paycheck.

4. Mint 

We all promise to spend wisely on the following income after an extravagant expense over the weekend. This app uses your history to track your spending, suggesting a monthly spending limit for you based on your record. The app is mainly focused on budgeting, so its investment section can be a bit shaky. On a delicate note, it is not a new thing for you to mark on your calendar, the important dates when you have financial commitments or need to pay for the Wi-Fi. In this case, your worries are worked out if you have this app. If you have upcoming bills to pay, the bill pay feature reminds you about those important dates. Interestingly, you could even settle those bills using that app in advance or before the due date.

Basically, we can never run out of money apps to talk about. When choosing one, however, the best option will depend on your needs. Some are focused on saving, whereas others are more inclined to transactions. Others help you with budgeting, cutting expenditure, and maintaining money discipline. The above few are worth knowing for starters.