Top Tips and Tricks for Perfect Photography

In the 21st century, photography is everywhere. It’s on social media, on billboards, on our television – there’s no escaping it. So why not join it – right? 

If you’ve recently started your photography journey you may be looking for a quick and efficient way to improve. 

Whether you’re using your photo skills to impress people on social media or are seriously considering making a career in this field, these tips will work for you. 

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No more being in the dark when it comes to how photographers achieve the result they do. These five tips will help you create professional-looking photos in no time. 

Learn Your Camera 

The first thing to make sure you do is to learn your camera. Read the manual and discover all the features it has to offer. Make sure you’re aware of what every button and option does so you can become a master with it. 

Your camera should become second nature to you. While it may take some time, once you become efficient with the device you’ll immediately notice the difference in your photography. 

Most people think the magic happens in the editing room, but the truth is that what’s captured by the lens is what makes the RAW file good or not. 

Try Out Different Presets

If you’re unfamiliar with editing programs using presets can help you learn the ins and outs of editing.

Presets are basically premade filters by other professionals that want to help your images look better. You can find amazing presets at These are especially useful for those looking to use photography for social media and create a theme or aesthetic. 

The helpful thing is that these presets are usually sold in bundles so that you’ll be able to create more than one theme and test which ones work best for your compositions. 

Invest In a Tripod 

If you don’t yet have one – it’s time to invest in a tripod. Tripods are truly photographers saving grace, especially if you’re shooting something in motion, or a subject that requires a steady hand. 

A tripod is a stand for your camera that keeps you and the camera as still as possible to avoid things like a blur in your photos. 

They come in all different sizes and there are even options available that can be manipulated into any shape you need. 

While high-end tripods do often run at a steep price, places like Amazon sell beginner tripods at reasonable pricing that are just as effective.

Buy a Ring Light 

When taking pictures, Ring Lights are almost as important as shooting the actual photo. You can even tell by just shooting a simple photo with your phone but light plays a huge role in the quality of your photos. 

Ideally natural light is the best option when it comes to photo days, but that’s not always possible. 

That’s why it’s important to invest in lighting. A ring light is a simple fix. It’s lightweight and perfect for beginners, some even attach to the top of your DSLR camera. 

However, as you move forward in your photography journey you’ll see there are many other options. There is a flashlight for your camera and other external options that resemble the classic lights you’ll see in a photo or film studio. For portraits, custom designed photography backdrops can also help elevate the quality of your photos.

Learn How To Use Editing Programs 

The last step that will really take your photography from amateur to professional is learning how to utilize editing programs. These programs will allow you to enhance your photos and give them the clarity you need. 

They involve settings like Clarity, Saturation, Highlights, Shadows, Opacity and even give you the option to use features like cloning to make them truly unique. 

Some popular editing programs include:

  • Adobe PhotoShop 
  • Adobe Raw
  • Adobe Lightroom 
  • Google Snapseed
  • Halide

It’s smart to try out all your options and find out which one is best for you. Some options are free of charge while others require subscriptions. 

Say Cheese 

It’s time to go out there and make your photography dreams come to life. There really is nothing that should be holding you back from reaching your goals whether it be to become a professional photographer or have a beautiful Instagram. 

If you follow these tips you’ll be on your way to both. Remember to never stop learning even if you feel like you’re an expert, there’s always another way to improve! The most important thing of all is to remember to always enjoy what you’re doing – have fun.