The Ultimate Guide to Male Body Grooming

The common misconception is that men don’t take care of their bodies as much as women. This of course is a bad belief as even the most masculine of men deserve proper grooming. Men should continue to embrace such a lifestyle which is now easier to do considering that more and more companies are encouraging guys to take a step towards proper grooming.

What does it mean for men to “groom?” Well, there are many aspects behind this but most of it has to do with shaving body and pubic hair properly. It can also include undertaking various skincare routines as well as proper bathing. Here’s a short guide on how you should do your man grooming routine.

Learn To Trim Excess Body Hair

One of the main aspects of male grooming is trimming your body hair. It’s a scientific fact that men have more hair in other parts of their body has compared to women. This includes facial hair, body hair, pubic hair, and even back hair. If you want to groom your body properly, you need to invest in the right tools and learn the right way to trim.

Before you think about grooming your body hair, you should first check for the right tools for a job. One can consider getting a hair trimmer for men to help trim your body hair with lesser chances of getting small cuts. It also helps you easily manage how much you want to shave off from your body hair.

Trimming your body hair isn’t just about looking good, it’s actually about being hygienic too. Body and pubic hair can actually trap sweat and bacteria. Not only does it make you smell bad, it also makes you prone to getting sick from the germs and bacteria too. However, it’s worth noting that body hair isn’t exactly unhygienic and you should be safe if you wash regularly.

When it comes to your pubic hair, do not use a razor. It’s very dangerous and it could lead to disastrous results. It’s always best to use a trimmer for your privates. Some people use hair trimmers for their body and use a razor for their face. It’s up to you whichever one you want to choose. 

Before using a trimmer, you might want to use a shaving cream first. This helps you get a cleaner shave on your face or body. It also helps avoid that nasty in-grown hair while keeping your skin free from pricks and cuts. If you want a cleaner body, then you should opt to get yourself waxed instead. It’s a painful process but what results in a hairless body. As compared to shaving, waxing can help prevent the growth of hair for a longer period of time. 

Adopt A Skincare Routine

Skincare isn’t just for women. Even guys secrete excessive oils and get dirt on their faces too. If you want to avoid getting acne, blemishes or even aging faster than you should, then you should consider getting a skincare routine that’s perfect for you and your schedule.

There are many skin care products out there but not each one could be compatible with your skin. Some could even cause severe allergic reactions. Even if you are picking natural skin care products, some ingredients might not react well with your body. As such, it’s best to consult with a dermatologist before you buy products.

Skincare routines can take up to an hour to do which is why it’s important to have one that’s perfect for your schedule as well. Most people do their skincare routine before going to bed as it helps them get better sleep. Do your research on which skincare routines are perfect for guys and how they can be done. In this way, your skin will look and feel younger.

Don’t Be Shy

One thing that’s preventing guys from grooming properly is that they’re too shy to let others know that they are taking steps towards securing their well-being. It’s in no way effeminate to take care of your body. Investing in hair trimmers, skincare products, and even lotions for your body is a must if you want to achieve a better you. Don’t ever be afraid to ask others for help if you don’t have any idea of how you should approach your grooming.

Guys deserve to pamper themselves too. You shouldn’t think that grooming is all for women as guys go through the same things like them on a regular basis. Aside from being beneficial to you, proper grooming will also let women see you better as you’re a guy that’s concerned about his well-being and appearance.