The Hidden Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

When we think about our water, many people think that there are only a few specific reasons that make water “good.” Those reasons can include the taste, the source, or the quality, but the ability for water to be either good or bad can really change depending on a lot of unseen properties.

One, in particular, is the pH levels of your water. Filtering is just one step in this process, but it is important when it is happening all the time. Alkaline water, which is higher on the pH scale (of 1 being very acidic to 13 being very alkaline), can be a good type of water, and these hidden benefits are why.

1. Better For Washing Dishes and Clothes

Regular tap water can be full of harsh chemicals that are used to filter and clean it when it comes from a treatment plant. The problem with this water is that it can also leave more traces on dishes and in clothing when you wash with it. A Water Ionizer Pro Brand filter is one of the ways in which you can regulate your home’s water to make sure it is alkaline, which in turn reduces the amount of soap scum or streakiness left behind. Making sure your water is doing its best to wash your clothing and dishes is a hidden benefit you wouldn’t think of with your water.

2. Improvements to Skin Health

The properties of alkaline water are also abundant in the way you keep your skin healthy. In a similar way to washing your dishes or your clothing, you need to make sure that the water in your home is not harming the sensitive outer layers of your epidermis. Alkaline water can help you wash your skin more gently but also more thoroughly. It can improve the quality of your washing because it doesn’t leave streaks or soap scum from a shower or bath, just like it wouldn’t on your dishes or while cleaning your bathroom. Being able to get a true clean without any chemicals leaving residue on you is important for your appearance.

3. Benefits for Your Blood

Drinking water is primarily done to help hydrate the body to keep important organs and functions operating smoothly. When cells are hydrated, they can move better throughout the body to complete tasks. Dehydration leads to sluggishness and can dramatically hurt you, but staying hydrated and doing it why alkaline water can have improvements on your blood. This is because alkaline water may be able to improve blood viscosity, which means it can travel throughout the body much easier. This helps get blood to and from organs and helps keep your heart working efficiently.

4. Cleansing of Your Bowels

The bowels are a hidden benefit that should stay hidden. While you don’t want to see what is going on in there, you also want to know that you are doing your best to make sure that your insides are clean and doing well. Drinking alkaline water could be an important part of the process of cleansing your colon because of the softness of the water. The chemicals that you absorb from chemically filtered water may not be harming you, but they certainly aren’t doing their best to keep your digestive system clean. Alkaline water can be useful, combined with dietary factors like fiber and vitamins, to keep the bowels in tip-top condition.

5. Safer On Appliances and Plumbing

The harsh chemicals of non-filtered water can be bad for the plumbing or appliances of your home over a long period of time. While the calcium or other minerals that are added to treat water won’t rust through your pipes in a matter of minutes, it will do some damage over time. Alkaline water is a lot less harsh, which means that appliances like dishwashers, fridge water dispenser, washing machines, and your plumbing will be safer because of it. These are expensive repairs, and the scale build-up that occurs inside of them, or inside the plumbing, can cost a lot to fix, especially considering you might not be able to do it yourself. Alkaline water can help keep your home protected.

Nothing about water seems to scream interesting for many of us, but the fact is that there is more to water than just staying hydrated. Good quality water is not all about what natural spring it comes from or how it tastes, it could be hidden in the details. The pH level of your water may be the key, and alkaline water has many benefits you should get to know.