Reasons Why You Might Want to DNA Test Your Dog

We all adore our pet dogs and we only want the best for them. Whether it’s finding food that they love to eat or sourcing a vet who is able to keep them healthy, it is the duty of dog owners to make sure that their pet has the best life possible. Knowing the breed and family history of dogs has always been important in terms of cross-breeding and checking for pedigree, but these checks were usually only done by dog breeders. If you are planning to have a breed dog like American Bully, you may look for a reputable American Bully Breeder to ensure it is pure breed. Nowadays, however, many owners are also looking to learn more about their dogs through DNA tests. A DNA test can tell you various things about your dog which you may find useful and which can help you to look after your dog better.

To better inform all the dog owners out there who are considering a test, here are five reasons why you might want to DNA test your dog.

1. To Find Out Its Breed 

The first reason why you might want to DNA test your dog is to find out which breed or a mix of breeds it is. There are various reasons for wanting to know this information; a purebred dog is potentially worth more money than a mix so if you are planning to sell your dog, or you want to get it insured, it is vital that you can prove its status. Furthermore, if you are interested in entering your dog into a show or competition for purebreds, you may have to prove its pedigree with a birth certificate, breeder’s guarantee, or a DNA test. This will show that your dog is either 100% purebred or whether there are some other mixes in there too.

2. To Learn Its Family History 

As well as finding out what kinds of dog breeds make up your dog’s DNA, it is also very important to find out if there is anything dangerous cross-species breeding in its family history. Wherever there is the potential for domestic dogs to meet wild dogs, this can be a real possibility. Dingoes, jackals, and other kinds of wild dogs will mate with domestic dogs if they encounter them in the wild or on your land. These animals can be potentially dangerous and so if your dog has puppies and you don’t know what the origin of the litter is, it is vital that you have them tested before you attempt to raise or sell them.  

3. To Check for Disease Tendencies

Another issue that can come up through a DNA test is whether your dog has any heightened risk of certain diseases. Just as with humans, disease risk can be passed down genetically so if your dog’s parents or grandparents had a tendency for a disease, this tendency may also exist in your dog. Cancer, heart problems, canine diseases are all conditions that can be screened for with high accuracy. There are many online reviews of the different DNA tests available and this Wisdom Panel accuracy review can tell you about one option. There are various DNA test providers so it is always advisable to do your research and find which have the best results. 

4. To Secure Housing 

There are some housing units or rentals which will not allow certain breeds of dogs to live there due to the reputation of the breeds. While many of these concerns are based on misconceptions or media exaggeration, the reality is that you may have to prove the breed of your dog definitively if you want to secure a home. Due to their reputation of being dangerous, pit bulls are banned in many apartment blocks and rental homes, but a DNA test can show that your dog is not a pit bull and has no pit bull blood in it. 

5. To Get Your Pet Insured

Pet insurance rates can vary widely across breeds because some breeds are more valuable than others as well as some being more prone to diseases. As insurance rates can be very expensive, it is always advisable to have as much evidence as possible about your dog’s breed. A DNA test can be used as proof of your dog’s heritage so that the insurance company can give you a fair quote. 

Making sure your dog is always happy and healthy is your responsibility as its owner and there are many people who believe one of the best ways to do this is through a DNA test. From finding out your dog’s breed to identifying potential health issues, a DNA test can give you a lot of valuable information. If you are considering a DNA test for your dog, search for a reputable testing service so you know the results are trustworthy.