Reasons Why People Use Cheats in Video Games

Arcade, console, and PC systems have always had codes available to unlock advantages for players. Some of these game cheats are nestled right in the games themselves like buried treasure. Other cheats or hacks are more sophisticated. Players use cheats in many forms, from simple codes to AI-based software.

So why do people use gaming cheats?

For a whole lot of reasons! Sometimes the intentions are personal, and sometimes they’re just practical. The fact is gamers always have and will always use cheats in their gameplay. 

Here Are Some of The Most Popular Reason to Use Cheats

1. To Feel Like an “Insider”

Since the 1980s, gamers have sought and enthusiastically used cheat codes. One of the earliest and most well-known examples of this was the Konami Code. Arcade players discovered this code embedded within Gradius. This built a network of gamers “in the know” and a unique connection with the game developer Kazuhisa Hashimoto.

Discovering cheats and using them makes players feel like they are collecting trade secrets. Knowing cheats builds a sense of authority. A player can choose to share their cheats with other gamers. In recent years, becoming members of cheat forums has instilled a sense of community amongst avid players. VIP access to these forums gives elite players on-going expert advice and resources. 

2. To Beat The System 

When players beat a game using cheats, they are also hitting the institutions that create them. Many think of using cheats in video games as an act of rebellion or besting game developers. It makes the game victory layered. Using high-tech cheats like Aimbots and ESPs can outclass the game in a way that feels revolutionary.

3. Efficiency

Of all the reasons to use cheats in gaming, this is perhaps the most practical. For better or worse, the 21st century is known for people seeking instant gratification. Have you ever played a game and have been hopelessly stuck at a level? Even the best players have faced this issue at some point. Sometimes bad design creates unnecessary obstacles.

Using cheats helps to get players “unstuck,” getting through levels, and ultimately games faster. A cheat can help a player to push forward to stick with a game until the very end. The faster a player can beat a game, the faster they can move on to the next. Hardcore gamers are often “collectors,” aspiring to build a list of games to play and beat. These habits can occasionally lead to building up a backlog of games. 

4. To Keep a Game Exciting 

This reason is certainly a more personal one for gamers. Using cheats breaks up any potential monotony that can arise in gameplay. Moving forward through a game faster is more exciting because you get to see all of each level’s unique design sooner. 

There is also the extra level of intrigue, as gamers hunt for cheats. Scouring the internet and engaging gaming forums is like a side quest. As they search for codes or hacks, a player becomes a sort of detective. Another element of excitement is the connection to the mechanics of a game. Often game cheats involve employing some form of reverse engineering while playing. 

If you play a game to completion without cheating and revisiting later using cheats, it can make it seem new or refreshing. Generally, many gamers believe that using cheats makes the overall game more entertaining. The team at asserts that playing video games like this is more fun full-stop.

5. To Feel Empowered 

Completing a game can be more than just satisfying. While using cheats in a video game, a player achieves more agency. You won’t face being shackled to the sometimes rigid confines of a game’s mechanics. As a player builds their knowledge base of cheat codes and hacks, they become a gaming authority. These gamers have the power to spread their knowledge to help others succeed if they choose to.

The process of finding the cheats may connect a player to a larger community of gamers who are cheering them on in their journey. While using cheats may seem like taking shortcuts, using cheats can reveal information about games that can improve overall performance, readying a player for their next challenge.

There are several advantages to using video gaming cheats, some of which are obvious; some are less so. Why use cheats? The better question is, why not use cheats?