Planning to Buy a Wheelchair? Here are the Qualities to Look For

 If you are planning on buying a wheelchair, you have a lot of things to consider.

With a wheelchair, you can move distances that you would otherwise not be able to because of injury or sickness. Wheelchairs are typically prescribed by doctors when they deem it necessary.

No one wants to be constantly embedded in a wheelchair but if you have to sit in one, then you should make sure you have the best one. You can get your insurance company to cover the expense of a wheelchair if you get a prescription.

There are certain things you should look for in a wheelchair such as:


You should carefully evaluate each feature of a wheelchair. The features of the chair or the lack thereof will let you know which type of wheelchair it is.

The first type of wheelchair is called a manual wheelchair. They are a type of wheelchair that requires you to push the wheelchair or someone else to help you.

Manual wheelchairs are the most common and the cheapest but they also need the most energy.  They are also very standard in shape so you might need to make some modifications.

Another type of wheelchair is the power wheelchair. They are electric and can move without any manual effort. The user navigates the wheelchair using a joystick on the chair’s armrest.

Power wheelchairs have many varieties in terms of size, weight, and capabilities. It is when buying power wheelchairs that you need to consider the features. The features will also influence the price of the wheelchair.

Mobility scooters are also a type of wheelchair. They are like power wheelchairs without the leg and back support. They are very comfortable and offer plenty of conveniences.

Ease of Use

Though you may prefer a power wheelchair or mobility scooter with a lot of features, it may be easier to use a simpler wheelchair. If you are buying a wheelchair for a loved one, then you should consider how easy it will be for them to use it.

You want to get a wheelchair that is as easy to use as possible. You should review a wheelchair guide and find out which one you like best. However, only by testing the wheelchair can you truly know how easy it is to use it.

Getting used to being in a wheelchair is a daunting challenge. You want the person using it to have as easy a time adjusting as possible and ease of use helps tremendously.

Light Weight

Different types of wheelchairs will have different weights. Manual wheelchairs are the lightest whereas power wheelchairs are the heaviest since they contain a motor.

You should look out for light wheelchairs as they will make life much easier for you and the user of the wheelchair. You will probably have to carry the wheelchair from time to time for example, loading it into the car, and some wheelchairs will be cumbersome to handle. 


A crucial quality to look out for in a wheelchair is reliability. A wheelchair is a device that could have a massive impact if it stops working.

A dependable wheelchair should be able to handle being used in any environment. A manual wheelchair is very dependable since it uses human effort.

However, when it comes to power wheelchairs, matters get very complicated. You should check reviews from other users and find out if the wheelchair is truly reliable.

A truly reliable power wheelchair or mobility scooter should have a long time warranty. It is a sign that they trust the wheelchair’s durability.

Mobility Range

A power wheelchair or mobility scooter will use a battery for power. You will hence have to charge the battery if you or a loved one uses the wheelchair.

You should, therefore, look for a wheelchair with the longest mobility range meaning that it can travel for long distances before having to recharge. It is akin to a car’s fuel consumption.

The mobility range of a wheelchair will also pertain to how well it can handle different environments. The more areas that a wheelchair can travel, the more places you can go which is a brief respite for the inability to use your feet.

There are other qualities to look for in a wheelchair such as material and aesthetics. The qualities above should form a solid basis for choosing a wheelchair. Evaluating your needs is the best way to ensure that you get a wheelchair that will adequately serve your needs.