How to Prepare Your Home for Your Newborn in 6 Easy Steps

Having a newborn baby in your family is exciting as well as a bit challenging. You’ll need to baby-proof your home to keep them safe and comfortable. Babies, particularly in their first month of life, are very delicate and need constant attention. As parents, you want to make all possible preparations for that big day when you welcome a new member of your family.

To help lessen the burden of parents in deciding what to do, we will share here how you can prepare your home for your newborn in six easy steps.

1. Have Safety Devices Ready

Safety should be at the top of your priorities for your newborn. They need your full attention and care during the first three months of their lives. While babies need a room of their own, you still need to keep an eye out for them even if you have other important things to do. Mobile apps and smart home product enthusiasts at Hubble know the importance of monitoring your newborn baby and how you can use technology to help monitor your baby easier. One highly recommended device is a baby monitor. Whether you are in an adjacent room, the living room, kitchen, or anywhere inside your home, you can check how your baby is doing through your smartphone. 

Baby monitors can be connected to your smartphone, computer, tablet, or other mobile devices and they have various other features that keep your child safe comfortable, like a baby soother, a noise sensor, an alarm, or a white noise maker. Keep a baby monitor or other safety devices ready to keep your baby safe throughout the day.

2. Sanitize Your Home

Don’t just focus the sanitation and disinfection on your baby’s room. You also need to disinfect the entire house since you will not always stay in your child’s room the entire day. You’ll also need to make trips to the bathroom, cook and get food in the kitchen, and do other activities in other areas of the house. Oftentimes, you will be touching things and surfaces, so take the precaution of applying disinfectants on frequently touched surfaces and handled objects such as sinks, stove knobs, ref handles, countertops, and others. Make it a point to wipe them regularly and apply disinfectants to your hands every time you hold your baby.

3. Set Up Space for a Nursery

Depending on the number of rooms in your home, you can select a room to set up for your baby’s nursery. Choose a room that’s closest to yours so that you can easily come to your baby if they have trouble sleeping. If you do not have a spare bedroom to set up a nursery, reorganize your master bedroom to set up the nursery there. Set the nursery up in a safe area away from electrical cords, the windows, and wall decors.

4. Prepare the Baby Essentials

While it is a given to have baby food and milk (if breastfeeding is not possible) ready, you might not need them until a few months later. Instead, get the sleeping essentials like a crib, bassinet, or cradle. Pillows, sheets, swaddles, baby sleepwear, and blankets need to be prepared too. 

5. Have Storage Solutions Ready

You need to use an exclusive storage solution for your baby essentials. Since babies have sensitive skin, you need to place their clothes in a separate shelf, drawer, bin, or container. Mixing your clothes with baby clothes may spread strong detergent on the baby clothes and irritate their skin. Having a separate storage compartment for your baby’s clothes and toys makes it easier to organize and locate baby essentials.

6. Have a Baby Rocker on Standby

Your newborn will eat and sleep frequently during the first few days. As much as you would like to always carry your baby in your arms, you also need to take a break and sleep. Babies take several naps during the day, especially after being fed. Having a baby rocker ready can help ease the weight off your arms and shoulders by rocking your baby to sleep during the day with minimal effort.

Parents only want what is best for their newborn babies. That is why they make every preparation possible. Having many things to consider can sometimes be overwhelming. We hope that some of the steps suggested here can help make your preparations in making a baby-friendly home successful. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy, and do your best in your parenting role.