How to Give Your Home a New Look by Changing Just a Few Things

Do you feel like your home could use a new look, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money redecorating your rooms? After you check out your local shopping district for some inspiration, you can give your home a new look by changing just a few things.

Choose Furniture That Adapts to Your Needs

Few things change a room’s look more than rearranging the furniture. Once you reposition furniture, you discover alternative ways to use your room. The corner that always seemed like wasted space suddenly becomes prime real estate as a reading nook. The wall that your TV has covered for years looks like the best spot to hang art.

If you want to change your room more often, try a modular sofa that comes in more than one piece. That way, you have matching furniture that covers multiple needs. Instead of buying a new chair for newly available floor space, you can just move a section of your modular sofa or day bed into the area. This setup is especially useful if you have a studio apartment or small living space where every inch matters.

A Few Plants Can Change Everything

If you have potted plants in your home, move them to different rooms to change the atmosphere a bit. Just make sure the plants sit in a location that gives them an appropriate amount of light.

If you don’t have plants in your home, you can find plenty of inexpensive options that thrive indoors. Some of the best plants for decorating homes include:

  • Snake plants
  • Rubber trees
  • Jade plants
  • Ficus
  • Spider plants
  • Pothos

When in doubt, choose a succulent or cactus plant. They require little care. Most of them can survive months of neglect—not that you should ever neglect your plants!

Move Accent Pillows for a Fresh Look

You probably have accent pillows on chairs, couches, and beds throughout your home. Mix things up a bit by moving them to fresh places. Even a couple of changes can bring big differences to a room.

Consider mixing and matching colors, patterns, and materials.

You already own pillows, so you might as well get as much use as possible from them.

Find Hidden Treasures You’ve Stored Away

Most people have boxes of old items stored in their basements, attics, and spare rooms. Those boxes have probably been unexplored for so long that you don’t even know what they contain. Pull them out, open them, and see what you can discover. One man in Geneva, NY found a framed photograph of Susan B. Anthony hidden in his home!

You might find hidden treasures you can display around your house. An item that went out of style a decade ago could have a charming appeal today. Even if you find nothing that you want to use as decoration, you get to take a trip down memory lane.

Turn Your Bookcase Into a Display

A sturdy bookcase can do much more than house your books. When you move a few things around, you can turn the bookcase into a display for some of your favorite items.

Make room on your bookcase for things like:

  • Awards you or your children won
  • Attractive vases
  • Air plants
  • Framed photographs
  • Small sculptures
  • Knickknacks from your travels (seashells, rocks, postcards, etc.)

Of course, try to leave some space for actual books, too!

Focusing lights on your decorations will make them the center of attention. Try puck lights or LED strips under the shelves to put a spotlight on your favorite items.

Add a Mirror to the Room

Mirrors do marvelous things to a room’s aesthetic, and they make a small room feel much larger than it is. You can position mirrors to reflect the colors of flowers and artwork. You can even make mirrors the focal point of a room by choosing attractive frames.

Don’t underestimate the value of a good mirror! If you already have one tucked inside a closet, experiment by placing it in different rooms. A new placement can revitalize a room’s beauty.

See What’s Beneath Your Carpeting

Some floors have ugly subfloors that need carpeting. If you purchased your house from a previous owner, you probably don’t know what’s hiding under your carpet. Many people discover beautiful hardwood floors.

If you find attractive hardwood floors under your carpets, get rid of the carpeting to enjoy the look of natural wood grain. It takes a little work to remove carpeting, but you can probably get the job done over the weekend with a little help from friends. 


Are you ready to give your home a quick makeover? It only takes a few minutes to find simple ways to add a fresh look to your rooms.