Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Yourself A Hoverboard

In the last couple of years, hoverboards have become very popular. It’s now the ultimate choice for those who don’t want a skateboard, yet want a two-wheel mobility device; the best part is that it suits all ages. However, when it comes to hoverboards, there’s no official brand that guarantees high quality. Hundreds of companies around the world started manufacturing hoverboards, and each company produces more than one type. Mass production has made the prices go down, but on the other hand, it makes it hard for people to know which is the best. There are a lot of low-quality hoverboards in the market, which is why you must look for certain qualifications and features before you buy one. 

Here’s everything you need to know before buying yourself a hoverboard.

How they Work

 The first thing you should know is how it works. Hoverboards have a logic board, gyroscope, IR sensors, batteries, microprocessors, and a motor. The logic board is like the CPU in a computer. It receives data from several sensors and processes this data to function properly, and it also prevents the batteries from burning out. The gyroscope is the key that keeps the hoverboard balanced when you tilt forward, backward, or take turns. When you place your feet on the footboard, the gyroscope sends data to the logic board to keep you balanced and allows you to tilt and move freely without falling. 

The motor is responsible for providing power to the wheels and also assists in balancing the hoverboard. The microprocessors are located in the logic board and are considered to be the most critical component.  They are responsible for regulating the power the motor sends to the wheels. The battery stores the power needed for the board to function. The IR sensor is placed right underneath your feet. It sends signals to the motor whether to move the hoverboard or not. If you’re standing still, the IR sensor will send signals to the motor to stay still when you start to tilt, the IR will send signals to start the motor.

Certified Batteries

When hoverboards started to get popular, many manufacturers started producing low-quality ones which had many problems and affected the reputation of hoverboards in general. Many of these were overheating and catching fire. This made many people feel that they were not safe to buy, all the while not understanding that the problem with these low-quality boards was the batteries. Low-quality batteries and wiring caused them to overheat.  That’s why before you buy a hoverboard, you have to ensure that the company you’re buying it from can prove with certifications that they sell high-quality batteries. Well-known companies will show their certificates on their websites. If not, you can ask to check them before buying.

Where Can You Ride a Hoverboard

Before buying one, it’s essential to know where you’ll be able to ride it. If you want to use it as a form of transportation, you will need to check your country’s rules and regulations. In many countries, it’s illegal to ride a hoverboard on any paved roads. It’s only allowed on private properties, and the owner of the property has to approve it. 

Check Reviews

There are many stores and suppliers selling hoverboards, so don’t go buying one from the closest one to you. You have to do your research first, check the reviews of the manufacturer and of the store you’re buying from. Keep in mind that reviews directly from the supplier are not 100% reliable, so make sure to read reviews from customers who have actually bought and tried the board out, as they can give a clear and honest opinion.

 Are They Safe?

We’ve heard about incidents that involved crashes or of hoverboards catching on fire, and that’s mostly because of a manufacturing defect or faulty batteries. To ensure that it is safe, it must be Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certified, which is an American standard of test conducted on the hoverboard to ensure its safety. Finally, purchase a model that you can handle in terms of its speed to prevent accidents caused by loss of control.

Hoverboards are fun to ride and they can be used almost everywhere. There are many factors you should consider before investing in one to ensure your safety and that you got your money’s worth. Pay attention to the tiniest details as they can make a whole lot of difference between one hoverboard and another. Make sure that the battery and the board itself are certified for your and others’ safety on the road.