Best Shoot Em Video Games of All Time

Shoot ‘Em Up or shmup games are thrilling games that can be a lot of fun. While they provide a classical experience, they can give you an adrenaline rush.  In the 1960s, the first type of shoot ’em up game was made and it totally hit the gamer masses. 

Today, there are a lot of shmup games out there like bingo cash that you can try that will surely satisfy you. In this article, what do you do in Shoot ‘Em Up games will be discussed as well as the top hidden gems you need to find. Here are the best shmup video games of all time.

What Do You Do In Shoot Em Up Games?

Basically, this type of game is a fast-paced action game. Shmup games are about a player who has the job of protecting himself from an enemy’s satanic bombardment of fire. Enemies are hellbent on killing the player in these games, and you have to shift, dodge (for some games), and shoot quickly.

It tests both your hand-eye coordination and reaction times. So, you got to have fast reflexes and sharp eyes. This is the core of the game genre of shoot ’em up. For as long as you can, it’s just about surviving and protecting yourself. Expanding that heightened sensitivity is a good choice.

Playing games for a long time can be tiring. After hours of a game or two, you can relax by trying out an enail. Electronic nails provide a relaxing experience for any individual out there, so it is highly recommended. Have fun shooting em up! Below, you will find the top five best shmup games out there in the wild.

Top 5 Best Shmup Games Of All Times

1. ESPGaluda

ESPGaluda has a simple shot when pressing the fire button, and a beam shot which slows down the movement but hurts even more when the fire button is pressed. Your hitbox is thin, allowing you to weave patterns of bullets into and off narrow trousers, which makes the battle much stronger and more satisfactory. 

There is, however, an excellent ability to decelerate bullets with your ESP ability, in addition to the normal cave characteristics. You get gems in standard mode to defeat enemies. 

Those gems are then consumed when you switch to the slower bullet mode. In addition to the fantastic gameplay elements, ESPGaluda is doing some other excellent things. The art is vivid and gorgeous and the soundtrack is one of the best in the world.

2. Deathsmiles

Deathsmiles is a supernatural gunman, one of five gothic lolitas who protect their country with familiar powerful enemy-wrenching magic and defend it against a demon invasion.

Six game modes, nonlinear progress, local co-op play, big rivals, massive explorations, a counter-system, and a splendid goth-rock score are all on the horizontal, bubble light shooting system. Deathsmiles is a very pleasant PC shooter game that you can try.

3. Ikaruga

Ikaruga is one of the most stunning shmups ever, or perhaps the most gorgeous. The giant bosses all have complicated and varied detail for every opponent, background, and foreground object; however, the use of color really inspires the graphics. In order to absorb like-colored bullets, your ship will change from white to black. 

In reality, you want to be hit, because your missiles can be powered in return. This color-based gameplay concept, puzzlingly simplistic, opens up entirely new areas of strategy.

4. Mushihimesama

Mushihimesama you is an action, fantasy shooter game where you are a princess who fights gigantic crawling crawls across five vertical levels. There are three game modes in Mushihimesama namely, Novice, Normal, and Arrange. 

Novice is for beginners who may not be prepared to fall into utter loathing; the bullet-hell experience becomes more balanced. Normal mode is like the classic Japanese arcade game. Arrange mode is a remixed game update, which begins with max firepower and automatic bomb drops. 

5. Giga Wing

Giga Wing is a masterful vertical shooter who seems to clutch everything directly on the head. Graphics are simple, playing is smooth but kind of difficult, and the level design is straightforward. You have a reflect shot which is pretty useful.

Basically, you are invulnerable for a limited time and are building a field around you when you hold down the shot button. Any bullet that enters the field is seen back on the enemy and becomes a pickup point if it is struck. You must wait until you reload it before using it again after the shot has been fired. It introduces a new strategic aspect to the game.

Shmups are filled with action. Usually, you go straight into it, and between then and when you finish playing, there are very few breaks. New enemies appear constantly and being hit is almost always very painful. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush type of game, try shoot ’em up games.