7 Effective Tips That Will Improve Your Store’s Curb Appeal

Have you been struggling to attract walk-in customers and street traffic to your business, but aren’t sure what you can do to change the way your store is attracting clients?

Curb appeal is necessary for you to ensure your store is working for you and attracting the new clients you need from the street. If you haven’t seen the business from walk-ins and want to change the way clients view your store, here are some helpful tips to follow to change your stars and attract the clients you need.

1. Storefront Design

The design of your storefront is incredibly important to boost your curb appeal. If your store has been struggling to attract the attention it could be because of an awkward or (frankly) ugly storefront.

You want to make sure your store is well designed and looks safe and welcoming, with light and bright colors that will draw the eye and attention of passersby and foot traffic.

If your storefront has not been redesigned in a while, it may be time to renovate, repaint and redesign the storefront. While the expense may keep you wondering if it is worth it, IT IS! Take the leap and redesign your storefront with brighter and more welcoming colors, put out a welcome mat, and let your storefront welcome new customers.

2. Storefront Maintenance and Upkeep

Ensuring that your storefront is clean and well maintained is just as important as the design. If you have broken or blocked windows, doors that don’t work, garbage all around, and the area looks downright inhospitable, then you have a problem.

Ensuring you clean the sidewalks daily, clean the windows and doors, and repair any damages as fast as possible, you can make sure your storefront is welcoming and not threatening, increasing the instance at which people will want to visit your store.

3. Signage 

Signage is incredibly important when it comes to business curb appeal. If your store’s name is not appropriately represented, your sign does not have sufficient visibility or lighting, then your customers may have a hard time locating your store.

If your sign is old, broken, or falling apart, this can also affect how customers view your store, The professionals behind humblesignco.com  also point out that signage can help customers take the leap and enter to utilize your services or move onto the next. Appropriate signage is of the utmost importance when it comes to curb appeal, and investing in a new sign from Icon Signs could be just what your store needs.

4. Business Name and Clarity of Services

If your business name and brand don’t necessarily fit within your industry, it may be time to rebrand and rename your shop. While a personal connection to the old name might be stopping you, sometimes rebranding and renovating your store can be like a steroid injection.  The public loves to check out ‘new’ places, and rebranding and throwing a launch party and advertising campaign can have drastic effects on the business you are attracting.

5. Accessibility (Walkways and Parking)

Ensuring that your business is accessible is very important. Not only are the walkways important but also ensuring there are accessible parking and an easy way to enter the store. If your sidewalks are poorly maintained, or it is confusing for people to reach your front door, you may find you are not attracting all the business you could. Ensure your walkways are well maintained, make sure to have concrete sealing and repairs with the help of well-established concrete services, and that your customers have easy access to parking, this will make a huge difference in the curb appeal of your store. Quick and easy repairs can be done with ready-mixed concrete, which is perfect for small cracks or imperfections that may show up over time.

6. Windows and Window Displays

Windows are like the eyes of a storefront, they allow the public to peek inside and see what you have to offer. If your windows are blocked or dirty, they are not working to your advantage. Putting up window displays and making sure the windows are always clean and easy to see through is a great way to increase curb appeal, that doesn’t require a lot of outright expense.

7. Displaying Wares in Storefront

Putting out a storefront display that showcases your store’s wares and services can be an easy and effective way to draw attention to your store and increase the amount of walking business your store attains.

These are some simple and easy ways you can showcase your shop, and bring in more attraction to your store. First impressions are always incredibly important, and the curb appeal of your store will change the way the public views your shop, and how often they will frequent your store. Give these tips a try and see how effective they can be to increase your store’s curb appeal.