15 Best Bridal Shower Ideas


As the mother of the bride or maid of honor, the duty may fall on you to host the bridal shower. It is important to note that the event is all about the bride. Bridal showers are opportunities to bathe the bride in attention, gifts, and fun; so make it count.

With this in mind, you’ve got to start thinking up unique bridal shower ideas because all parts make a whole. From starting off the bride’s day with a bridal box to incorporating cute bridal shower decoration ideas, get creative. You can also bring on fun games, exotic foods, awesome bridal shower themes, and more.

Now, you’re thinking, “how do I start?” Not to worry, we’ve compiled a list of great bridal shower ideas for your pleasure. Enjoy the guide and get inspired!

1. Bridal boxes are the perfect start

On the day of the bridal shower, start off the bride’s day with a wedding subscription box. It’s a beautiful way to tell her that you may not be there all the time, but she’s in safe hands. And nothing is truer, as bridal boxes are the ultimate companions for fun and wedding planning.

You want this gift to be perfect, so look out for only the best bridal subscription box like Miss to Mrs. with Miss to Mrs. Bridal box, she’s covered from the engagement to honeymoon. It doesn’t matter what planning stage she’s at, the accelerated, extended, quarterly, or monthly plan is tailored for her.

Also, the goodies standard keeps rising as there are nine themed boxes filled with carefully curated items. From custom marches to tote bags, wedding planners and inspiration, jewelry, decor, beauty, and spa essentials, it never ends. Watch the bride’s eyes light up.

2. Gift by the hour

Giving the bride a gift each hour until the event is one of the most heartwarming wedding shower ideas. Curate the things she likes doing through the day get them across to her. Designate each guest with a gift and time of the day to deliver them. If she loves her coffee at 7 am, have a tin with a short cute note at her doorstep same time. If she gets lunch at 1 pm, have a goodie basket delivered at the same time. She’d receive gifts throughout the day to open them at the party.

3. Flower bar

Get creative with your DIY bridal shower decoration. Build a flower bar with terrariums, boxes, or pots depending on your theme. Use succulents or flowers that grow all year round and place them at a focal point. This will give the venue an appealing look. The best part is that you can reuse them for the wedding or give them out as favors.

4. Date ideas jar

A date ideas jar is quite unusual but one of the most creative bridal shower ideas. Present a huge jar filled with candies, Popsicles, or chocolate treats. Keep this at the entrance where guests can access them. Place a signage telling them that the price of one treat is a date idea. So they pick a treat and replace it with a written date idea for the couple.

5. Alternative centerpieces

Tired of the basic decor look? One of the best bridal shower decoration ideas is alternative centerpieces. Switch up glass vases for colorful tins that you can find in your home. Fill them up with assortments of seasonal flowers and place them on tables, bars, entrances, etc.

6. Switch up the tea party

If you’re opting for prim and proper, try a polished tea party with a twist. Offer as many types of tea you can find, so the guests will choose. Pair this with exotic desserts and sides. If you’ve got time, have each teacup engraved with the guest’s name. Let them take their cups home as favors.

7. Marriage book of wisdom

Set up a wisdom table with a huge signage or information backdrop indicating so. Have the guests go there to drop a piece of valid advice about marriage. The bride will always look to the book for help.

8. Take a class

If you’re thinking of fun bridal shower ideas, a class is one. Organize a voting session with the invited guests with class options and see which they pick. You may also opt for something that the bride loves doing. It could be baking, pottery, craft, knitting, etc. Make it an avenue to learn something new.

9. Stock her pantry

Does the bride love cooking or baking? Then go all the way out for her pantry. Draw up a comprehensive pantry checklist, especially if you know the bride very well. Split the list among the guests so they come with an item to the bridal shower. This is very traditional but fun and thoughtful.

10. Recreate her destination wedding

If the bride is having a destination wedding, make it your bridal shower theme. It doesn’t have to be full on the same, especially if you’re on a budget. A little touch and addition of elements here and there will pass the message. The woman of the hour will be thrilled.

11. Guest quiz

How well do the guests know the bride? The quiz is an opportunity to have some fun and get educated. Write up the questions, print them and hand them out to the guests. The bride will answer the questions when they’re done and the winner gets a little something.

P.S: Please run questions through the bride before they’re handed out to make sure she’s comfortable with them.

12. A little personalization for the guests

Cutleries, napkins, dinnerware, or centerpieces. Any of these things could be easily monogrammed with the guests’ names so that it becomes theirs after the party.

13. Ramp up the photo booth

Create a wedding hashtag with Instagram style photo cards. The guests can hold them as they snap pictures for some color. You can also lace the backdrop of your photo booth with cute pictures of the bride. Each guest will have a piece in their pictures. Visit www.pictureblast.co.uk/photo-booth/360-photo-booth to see how a 360 photo booth can make your wedding truly unforgettable. This state-of-the-art technology allows guests to create dynamic and engaging images that will be cherished for years. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to add some extra fun and excitement to your big day.

14. Create custom desserts

For the desserts, look out for custom toppings with the Bride’s name or initials. You can also have these desserts made in the letters of her name or that of the guests’. It’s fun to see your name in an edible format.

15. Celebrate in nature

Thinking of going full camping style? Leave the safety of the cozy indoors and celebrate outdoors. Load some rustic picnic baskets, blankets, repellents, torches, wine coolers, and more. Find a spot for you and the girls to have the fun of a lifetime.

Above are beautiful bridal shower ideas for a memorable event. They’re also budget-friendly ideas that you can blow up to your desired extent. Let them inspire you to create something evergreen.


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