10 Suggestions for Starting a Small Student Business

Being a student is both rewarding and expensive. According to Admissionsly, 34% of students find it challenging to afford food, with 49% receiving financial support from their parents throughout their studies. This is why starting a small student business during college can be beneficial. Let’s take a look at suggestions on how students can start small businesses which will leave plenty of room for college-related activities.

1. Tutoring

Teaching others will not only help you earn money but allow you to check how much you know about different subjects. You can reference Writing Universe to find great writing samples which you can use to outline your own lessons for tutoring purposes. If you’re a senior with good grades, make sure to give tutoring a shot.

2. Child Care

Taking care of children has its perks. After all, we’ve all been youngsters at some point. Look for ads in your local papers and social media about families looking for caretakers. Ask around campus to see if anyone has siblings in need of caretaking. You can earn a living and study while taking care of a child.

3. Event Promotion

If you know how to use social media properly, you can promote concerts, seminars, fairs, and other public events. Being an event promoter will help you earn a decent income and improve your writing skills, which is always a good thing. Market yourself as an event promoter and wait for brands to reach out.

4. Delivery Service

You can deliver goods such as groceries in and around campus to earn some extra income. Students who are short on time, elderly, and stay-at-home parents will always need delivery services. This is a great opportunity for you to spend time outdoors to take breaks from studying sessions.

5. Cleaning Service

While cleaning may not be the most glamorous calling, it can still be very lucrative for students short on cash. Cleaning doesn’t require substantial investment, so visit your local supermarket for supplies. Again, you can offer cleaning services on campus and around the city through your social media pages.

6. Student Assistance

There will always be students short on time and in need of help with research papers. Take a look at research papers for sale online and see if you can do something similar. Writing research papers or being an editor can help you not only earn money but also learn how to write better for your own benefit.

7. Hand-Made Jewelry

If you’re crafty with your hands, you will always find customers in search of unique hand-made jewelry. Rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are sought-after by students of all calibers throughout the campus. Use social media to your advantage and promote your hand-made accessories to find customers very quickly.

8. Online Influencer

You can become an online influencer for a local or international brand and earn commission and free items through promoting their goods. A certain online following will be required for you to attract the attention of different brands so start working on your social media pages today.

9. Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a process of selling goods online as an intermediary between a storefront and a local customer. It is an amazing way for students to earn a living from the comfort of their dorm rooms. Inquire about what kinds of goods your campus students would like to get access to and look for online shops matching those expectations.

10. Rental Photography

You can be a rent-a-photographer for events, weddings and other types of celebrations provided you have a good camera on hand. Take sample photos around campus and publish them on social media as portfolio pieces. Be on the lookout for clients in need of photographers to start building your brand.

Starting Small 

The upside of starting a small business as a student is that you are full of energy and ready to commit to an idea. Go through the suggestions we’ve discussed and gauge how they fit with your personal sensibilities and goals. The right business idea for you is just around the corner – start small and build it into something to be proud of.


Bio: Mark Blackwood is a professional writer, content editor, and business development advisor. He is passionate about creative writing and digital publishing. Mark is constantly working on new articles, opinion pieces, and case studies in the fields of digital marketing, online sales, and business development among others. In his spare time, Mark is a reader and a fan of pop culture.