What You Should Know About Kickboxing and the Equipment You Need for This Sport

Kickboxing is one of the most intense combat sports in the world. It is a sport that, despite its intensity, has a cult following. Not only does it provide an intense workout, but it provides a number of health benefits, some of which we will discuss in this article. Kickboxing is a very popular sport throughout the world and has a number of tournaments, championships, and leagues dedicated to it. If you are looking for a fun, engaging, intense sport, then it is the belief of this author that you can find all of this in kickboxing.

In this article, we are going to tell you what you should know about kickboxing and we will discuss a few pieces of equipment that you will most certainly need, should you want to get involved in kickboxing.

Here is what you should know and what you will need!


There are a number of different styles of kickboxing, all offering great health benefits, such as an intense cardiovascular workout, and strength training. With that said, equipment varies between styles. There are three main styles of kickboxing, and they are kickboxing, Muay Thai, and savate (French kickboxing). Each style of kickboxing has its own requirements, levels of contact, and levels of intensity, so it is worthwhile giving each some research beforehand so you can establish basic principles of each style. For example, kickboxing in some classes is simply cardio exercise, whereas in Muay Thai it is a combat sport, meaning for the latter you would need protective equipment, with the former you wouldn’t.


We will now discuss essential equipment in kickboxing, for both combat and cardio. It is also worth mentioning, when training for kickboxing, cardio exercise like jump ropes, jogging, and rowing machines can be a great benefit. Be sure to thoroughly prepare yourself before you attend a kickboxing class, for if you go unprepared, you will most certainly leave absolutely exhausted. Preparation is key in sports like this, lest you wear yourself out to a degree that you cannot continue.


Gloves are, of course, essential. They are the quintessential piece of boxing equipment. Handwear is always essential when you are kickboxing, both for your knuckles and for your opponent’s face. You do not necessarily need to invest in Muay Thai gloves if you are just sparring, and rather, you can use fourteen or sixteen-ounce gloves. Yes, you do use gloves in kickboxing (despite what you may have thought). The sport is a combination of both kicking and punching and players alternate between the two forms of combat. It is a very violent sport, to say the least.


Focus mitts are pads that will be used when sparring to protect your hands or your partner’s hands. You have likely seen them before. They are square gloves that a person wears on their hands. You will kick and punch them, or your partner will, so it is important for you to invest in the best quality you can find, as otherwise, you can seriously injure your hands, and the person punching and kicking can injure themselves. They make your training very effective, so it is essential to invest in them if you are intending on taking up kickboxing classes.


When kickboxing, you will need shin guards, head guards, groin guards, and a mouthguard. The reason for this is quite simple really, as you may have guessed. The sport requires you to attack your opponent, and your opponent you, through a series of lethal kicks and punches. If you did not properly protect yourself or guard your body, there is a very strong chance that you or someone else would become seriously hurt. Because of this, you must invest in guards. Thankfully, high-quality guards are not expensive, and you will not break the bank on them.

Hand Wraps

Hand wraps, while not necessarily a piece of equipment and rather just a bandage, are another essential piece of equipment. They will protect your hands from the gloves – which can hurt considerably. Hand wraps are mandatory equipment in tournaments and must be worn every single time you go boxing. It is important you buy only the best and strongest hand wraps that you can find and that you buy from a sports store as opposed to a pharmacy. Hand wraps are essential and you mustn’t ever go kickboxing without them, lest you seriously injure yourself.

In this article, we hope to have told you about the different styles of kickboxing and some general equipment that you will need. We hope that you have enjoyed the article that we have brought you today, and we thank you very much for reading.