MCT Upcoming Show: Shrek the Musical JR

The Missoula Children’s Theatre is excited to wave the “freak flag” and raise the collective laughter level of the world as it presents Shrek The Musical JR. This hilarious, family-favorite show will be available for streaming Friday, Feb. 20 at 7pm and Saturday, Feb. 21 at 3PM, 5PM, and 7PM.

Who would have guessed that a grumpy green ogre, a sarcastic donkey, and a fiercely independent princess would become everyone’s favorite twisted fairytale? Banished from his own swamp by the tiny terror, Lord Farquaad, ogre Shrek reluctantly befriends chatty Donkey and Princess Fiona, who has a deep green secret of her own. Through a plethora of fantastic characters, humor, and high-energy music, Shrek The Musical JR. celebrates individuality, acceptance, and the perfection of imperfection.

Director Kelsey Seals says the line “What makes us special makes us strong” from the song “Freak Flag” really illustrates the joyful self-acceptance themes of Shrek The Musical JR. These themes may especially resonate with its cast, made up of students in grades 6-12. Seals added that this production is a “junior script,” which means that it’s shorter than the Missoula Community Theatre production staged several years ago, “but still features most of the great music and storytelling in the full production. And the audience will notice many of the same iconic lines from the movie!”

Seals has been thrilled with the rehearsal process of the “exceptional cast of students” who fill the rehearsal space with noticeably positive energy. “I think every single one of us is grateful to have the chance to safely create theatre during this weird time, and we have a genuine excitement to be in rehearsal.”

Shrek The Musical JR. is available to stream for $10 (plus service fee) at This production is sponsored by Langel & Associates, PC; Missoula Pediatric Dentistry, PC; Blackfoot; and Missoula Current.