Life Path Number: What It Is and How to Calculate

Astrology and numerology have one important view that proponents of both practices have in common- that the date of your birth holds significance. It helps to determine the eventual personality you end up having. Proponents of the numerology school hold that numbers and the unique relations that they have in between themselves have special mystical meanings. One particular school of numerology goes to the extent of believing that it is possible to predict the future through such numbers. Others consider the numbers to have a symbolic meaning.

One important numerology concept is that of the life-path number. It is supposed to disclose facts about your life, including outlook, personality, and challenges. This article will examine them in a moment:

Life-path Number Calculation

In its essence, you can calculate your life path number by adding up all the digits in your date of birth till you end up with a single-digit number. The numerological experts at explain a person having his birth on 16th January 1985 will have a life-path number of four. Let’s see how it is calculated:




Then add these together to arrive at a single-digit viz:


So, the person’s destiny number will be four.

One complication involved in this simple process is that you don’t break down the master numbers of 22 and 11 if they are among the group addition results. For example, the life path number calculation of a person born on 11th November 1955 would be:





To correctly determine the life-path number and the various insights they provide, the formula mentioned above is important, along with observing the 11,22 exception.

Life Path Number Meaning

A wide variety of online resources will enlighten you about the associated characteristics with each particular life number. But such numerological interpretations of numbers are diverse. They often even contradict each other, but the usual connotations of each number are as follows:

  • 1

Strong Points- Natural leaders, successful professionally, ambitious, diplomatic, charmingly interesting

Weaknesses- Being too caring leads them to become overprotective and overbearing. Anger issues are also pretty common.

  • 2

Strong Points-Empathy, kindness, and care are the main characteristics of people with this life path number. They make good artists and sometimes even politicians, thanks to their ability to handle tense situations.

Weaknesses- Such people are deeply opposed to conflicts and are highly sensitive, making them excessively dependent on personal relationships. Self-assertion is something they could do with.

  • 3

Strong Points-These high energy people love attention and get tones of it too. As children, they are brilliant, and they grow up to become high achievers.

Weaknesses- Perseverance is not one of the strong points of people with this life path number. They lack the focus necessary to complete their grand projects. They also give too much attention to how others perceive them.

  • 4

Strong Points- A four is a highly reliable person, and people value them as friends and co-workers for their high-principles. Four is further reasonably predictable.

Weaknesses- They often tend to become too rigid and can’t get their heads above rules and norms. They find people with innovative thinking and unconventional ways to be frustrating.

  • 5

Strong Points- People of this life path number are noted for their curiosity and intellect. They are great educators and journalists. They possess excellent communication skills and can take joy from the simple pleasures of life.

Weaknesses- These people are a bit too indulgent, especially when it comes to their vices or hobbies. They are often afraid to commit to relationships and are sometimes superficial as well.

  • 6

Strong Points- Sixes are great speakers and activists both in personal and professional lives. They are curious, and their compassion makes them suitable for professionals in law, public speaking, or healthcare.

Weaknesses- Consistency is one great weakness of sixes, and they cannot often watch out for themselves.

  • 7

Strong Points- Seveners are mostly internal people with a great creative gift and a similarly stellar imagination. Boredom is not for people with the life path number seven. This is the kind of ability to amuse themselves.

Weaknesses- They are usually shy and find it hard to connect with others. They also don’t relax as much as they should and spend most of their time at work or a constructive hobby.

  • 8

Strong Points- These people are money-wise, and they learn its value from a relatively tender age. They stand out by their ambition and hard work they need for self-sufficiency and comfort.

Weaknesses- Their preoccupation with money often makes eighters grifters, usually personally but often professionally too. They also tend to work too much.

  • 9

Strong Points- Nines stand out by their noble ideals and principles. They rarely compromise with their high values though it might suit them to do so. They exude style, are generally agreeable, and have dollops of generosity.

Weaknesses- The most prevalent risk to these people is codependency in personal relationships. They would instead work to build a distant future than thoroughly enjoy the present moment.

There are plenty of people who observe but can’t explain specific numbers’ predominance in different aspects of their lives. The answer might lie in numerology. This article guides you by calculating your life path number, an essential element of numerological belief. Hope you get interested in learning more about the nuances of numerological numbers by reading it!