How to Make Your Home Bar Stand Out

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or you are more into beer and the hard stuff, nothing beats the convenience of having a bar in your home. Among the many benefits, it saves you time and money you would have spent heading to the store every time you need a drink. You also get to develop some mixing skills, not forgetting that it adds value to your property. It brings in an element of décor that makes your neighbors and visitors adore your home.

However, all this depends on how you design it and the features you incorporate. Factors such as size, location, storage, and furniture will also play a huge role in whether or not your home bar is functional and attractive. With this having been said, here are a few tips on how to make your home bar stand out. 

Location Is Key 

The first thing you need to consider is where you are placing your bar. The bar needs to be in a central location from where your guests will be gathering. That way, when one needs a drink, they can easily reach the bar without having to ask. Other than the location you need to make sure that one can tell it’s a bar right from the look of it. This means incorporating designs that are catchy to the eye.

Incorporate Neon Signs 

If you’ve been to several bars in town, you will agree that lighting plays a huge role in introducing conspicuousness, especially around the counter. When chosen wisely, they help give that feeling of relaxation and excitement at the same time after a long day chasing the bag or running personal errands. As you can tell from the ideas at, beer neon signs can be used in various ways. They can be incorporated within the space, furniture, or even bar items like glasses. This is why they are used by a wide range of people, including owners of commercial bars, minibars, and home bars. They can also make a great gift as long as you are a bit creative.  

Consider Integrating Ideas From Commercial Designs 

There is a reason why anytime you want to have a few drinks, you will choose a certain bar in town that you like. These bars are likely to be designed in a way that attracts your attention, enough to become your favorite chill spot. If you are looking to make your bar stand out, you may want to pick the ones you view as unique and have them incorporated. You can get bar ideas from different places and have them blended together. For instance, matching a white oak wood mantel with rusty metal diamond-plate panels can give you a contemporary and industrial look that will catch the eye. This gives you a masterpiece of a design that you are sure will stand out.

Choose A Color Unique From The Rest Of Your House 

There is something about being different that makes things stand out. Standing out from the rest means either being good enough or simply different. If you don’t want to include these expensive designs into your bar, you can decide to play around with the paint. A dark and sexy color will surely achieve that, especially if the lighting is done by a professional. You can as well decide to get wallpaper instead of paint. All you need is to take the time and choose an outstanding color theme.

Have A TV Screen Around 

Sometimes you and your friends want to watch a game while at the same time sipping a drink. You shouldn’t have to get drinks and go find a screen elsewhere in the house. Your bar should be fully furnished in the sense that all that you need is all there. Having to get up to go refill your drink and missing the action where your favorite team scores a goal can be very frustrating. Make your bar the favorite spot for you and your friends to get some entertainment game from without having to go out. Do this by pinning a TV screen or several within the bar space. This touch will make your home bar outstanding.

Have A Wine Rack 

With the beer and all those favorite drinks stocked up on the shelves, you rarely remember that once in a while a bottle of wine will come in handy. Wine storage is a factor to consider when designing your bar. It helps you store and display your best wines the best way to grab attention from any eyes that prowl through your space. Get a wine rack that not only serves the purpose but one that also resonates with the rest of your design.

A home bar is a lucrative addition to your home space. It’s a nice way to introduce a celebratory feel into your home. The above are just a few ways you can make it stand out.