Common Disabilities That Qualify for a VA Compensation

Military veterans are individuals who have given their lives to their country and sacrificed all they have to keep their loved ones back home safe and secure. Once veterans leave the services, it is the country’s duty to offer them proper care so that they can carry out their lives after serving their nation. Many veterans suffer from certain injuries that lead them to have different disabilities that need constant care and medical attention. Since the country must care for its veterans, some of these disabilities are eligible for compensation that the veterans receive to cover their healthcare costs and the damages they have endured while serving. Here are some of the most common disabilities that qualify for VA compensation. 

Hearing Loss

One of the most common disabilities among veterans is hearing loss. During their time of service, military members are often exposed to a variety of loud noises in warfare that can affect their hearing capabilities massively. The loud noises can be anything from explosions to gunfire or aircraft bangs that can make quite a negative impact on anyone’s hearing. The severity of hearing disabilities varies from one veteran to another depending on how long they were exposed to such loud noises and how close they were to the source of the noise. However, in all cases, hearing disabilities in veterans are eligible for compensation as such disabilities make it harder for individuals to carry on simple daily tasks. 

Burns and Scars

Military service members tend to suffer from different burns and scars during their time on the ground. If the burns or scars are too severe that they cause a chronic disability, then you should be eligible for VA compensation. Another type of burning disability that veterans who recently left their services may be familiar with is burn pit injuries. These pits are used to get rid of war disposals and can cause toxic fumes that can affect the skin and the lungs badly. As a veteran, you should be able to check your burn pit va disability rating and file for compensation to cover your health costs. Chemical burns from pits and deep scars from your time in service can take a lifetime to heal, so it is your right as a veteran to get properly compensated for your sacrifice for the nation. 

Knee and Joint Injuries

Mobility injuries are quite common among veteran lines, especially those who have served in high-tension zones. Certain knee and joint injuries can cause severe disabilities for veterans after they complete their service. Such injuries are eligible for VA compensation depending on their severity and how badly they affect the person’s mobility. You may need to prove how badly your knee or joint flexion is in order to match the compensation criteria and get healthcare cover costs. 

Spinal Injuries and Paralysis

Serving in the military can often cause spinal injuries and paralysis as a result of the constant pressure on the back and the spine. The sciatic nerve is considered to be one of the longest nerves in the human body and as it can be found in the spinal cord, once it is injured, it can cause complete paralysis to the body of the veteran. Those who suffer from such injuries during their service should qualify for VA compensation without needing any extra proof or tests to show the severity of the disability. 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Being a military member is a rewarding yet daunting experience. Serving in high-tension zones can leave veterans suffering from PTSD for a long time after they complete their service. Although PTSD is a mental health condition, it is still considered a form of disability that veterans can be compensated for while they seek treatment. If you are a veteran who suffers from severe PTSD after your service, you may need to prove the severity of your disability with a doctor’s note that describes your condition so that you can match the eligibility criteria for VA compensation. 

Serving your country as a member of the military is a noble job that should be properly rewarded. That is why veterans who have completed their service have a right to get compensation for any injuries or damages they have endured during their time in service. If you are a veteran who suffers from any type of physical or mental disability, you should be able to file for VA compensation claims to get your full rights. Make sure you do some research in advance to see what type of compensation you are eligible for and whether or not you will need to provide any tests or proof to support your compensation claims before making them.