7 Modifications That Will Make Your Parents Home Safer as They Age

Almost all seniors want to live in their homes as they get older. There are certainly benefits to doing so but there are also pitfalls.

As your parents get older, the more fragile they get which means that they are more prone to injuries. It makes a great deal of difference if their home can be modified so that it is safer for them to live in it. The following are some modifications that will make your parents’ home safer:

Grab Bars

One of the elements that we lose the most as we age is our balance and stability. Such mobility issues make it very hard to slip and fall which is extremely dangerous for the elderly. Therefore, you should install grab bars at any high-risk area in your home. Bathrooms and bedrooms are rooms that should have grab bars. They are great tools to help your aging parents move around the house.

You can easily install grab bars in their house which makes it a very cost-effective modification. Ensure that they can hold the weight of your parents. A regular grab bar can support up to 250 pounds.


You should install ramps, particularly outside your parents’ home to help them with their mobility. It does not matter whether one, both or none of them is in a wheelchair, it will still help. Ramps help the elderly by removing the need to navigate steps. Lifting their knees past a certain point can be troublesome especially if they have a degenerative disease like arthritis. Ramps are expensive to buy and to install so you will need to plan ahead. On the other hand, the seamless transition from one surface to another will be great for the safety of your parents.


One of the most dangerous areas in your elderly parents’ house is the stairs. Going up and down the stairs is incredibly difficult for most seniors especially those with mobility issues. A great modification to make in this regard will be to install a stairlift and have a mobility scooter lift system installation. You can find a variety of stairlifts at https://www.stairlifthelper.co.uk/reconditioned/. A stairlift will significantly make it easy for your parents to use the stairs. Stairlifts are also expensive and require professional installation. They will have buttons to help your parents navigate. Ensure that your parents can easily learn the controls.

Upgrade the Floor

The floor is a major culprit when it comes to injuring senior citizens. Many injuries are caused by slipping and falling on the floor.

If you want your parent’s home to be safer, you might have to update the flooring. You should try and use material with as much friction as possible which will reduce the chances of falling down.

Adding carpets and rugs that are securely attached to the floor is also a good idea. Another great idea is applying anti-slip coating on the floor which can last for several years.

Change Your Faucets

Faucets are one of the most used parts of a house. Most faucets require people to use their grip which can be difficult for the elderly particularly if they have arthritis.

Therefore, you should change your faucets and exchange twisting faucets with levers. You can also use touchless faucets that only require a move of the hand to switch off and on but are very expensive. Upgrading faucets might also mean installing anti-scald faucets which will protect your parents from burns.

Improve the Lighting

Our vision deteriorates gradually as we age. Therefore, seeing things that we previously could become challenging without the use of aids which makes us more prone to accidents.

Improving the lighting in your parent’s house is one of the best modifications you can make for their safety. If they can see it, they can probably avoid it which means they will be safe.

You might need to install lights in areas that are quite dark for example closets and hallways. It might also involve installing brighter lights like LED lights which are very cheap these days.

Home Automation

There have been significant advances in technology that have made automating mechanical processes in the house possible. Generally speaking, automatic processes are safer than mechanical ones.

Therefore, a great modification you can make to your parent’s house is to automate some parts like installing smart thermostats with the help of hvac services, automatic security lights, and remote-controlled doors among others.

Security systems are especially important in this regard. You should ensure that your parents’ home is safe from any criminal activity. You should also consider having a safe installation to protect your parents’ valuables.

The above are seven basic modifications you can make to your parents’ house to make it safer for them as they age. Some are simple and can do it yourself while some require professional expertise. Just do what you can to ensure that your parents are safe in their golden years.