7 Fun and Creative Corporate Event Ideas That Your Team Will Love

Your boss has given you the task of organizing a corporate event for your team. This is the first time that you have been given such a responsibility and you are determined to make it an event to remember. They are a diverse bunch who like to kick back and let their hair down when relaxing, so you want to plan something that they will all enjoy. Here are seven fun and creative ideas for you to think about.

1. Aerial Circus Show

This circus show consists of several high rise gravity-defying acts but typically include:

  • Aerial silks

This is when silk artists use a strong fabric that has some flexibility to hang from whilst performing different types of maneuver. The experts at Green Light Booking say that the moves can be roughly categorized as wraps, climbs, and drops, which are often intermingled with striking poses. Although it may look effortless, a silk artist has to have considerable core strength, flexibility, and stamina to complete such a demanding routine with flair and grace.

  • Trapeze

Using a bar or ropes, the trapeze artist can perform a static, swinging, or flying trapeze act by themselves or with fellow trapeze artists. Sitting, standing, or using their feet to hook themselves onto the trapeze requires good balance and strength. Working with other trapeze artists also requires trust.

  • Aerialism

An acrobat has many skills, including gymnastics and dance, and therefore deserves their own name, as a trapeze artist may not be a gymnast nor a dancer. As aerialists are multi-skilled they will never disappoint because you never know what they will do next whilst you’re looking up at them.

2. Fire Artists

Fire art is an art that uses active flames to create something. A fire artist does this in combination with music, acrobatics, gymnastics, and dance, to name a few other skills that can also be used, to create a thrilling show incorporating danger and entertainment. You will be amazed at watching how these professionals use fire, whether it be to juggle, twirl, breathe or eat it, hiring fire artists at your corporate event, which may include services such as Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc., will leave you and your team amazed.

3. Hoopologists

Also known as hoop performers, hoopologists are talented individuals that use hula hoops for all styles of dancing. This can include the use of LED hula hoops, fire hoops, poi, and even stilts. Requiring balance, strength, core strength, and good balance, watching hoopology is a feast for your eyes that many do not get to see close up, despite its increase in popularity as an exercise and sport.

4. Saloon Girls

If you’re looking for meet and greeters with a difference then look no further than these girls. Modeled on the cancan girls of the western era, these ladies can not only sing, dance, and serve drinks, they will add a surprising aspect to your event. In full western attire, they will keep your team entertained in more ways than one. If you’re thinking of a western theme, then you could also hire some cowboys to complete your event.

5. Cowboys

Often misunderstood, cowboys did more than chase Indians and rear horses in the wild wild West. They told stories, sang songs, were gunslingers, and knew how to lasso amongst other things. Hiring cowboys to demonstrate these skills and more, as well as greet your guests would make for a pretty unique and interesting evening, especially if this is your first time meeting them.

6. Mentalist and Magician

Incorporating two popular performing arts, magic and mentalism will challenge your belief systems, leaving you wondering how these talented individuals managed to do their act. 

A mentalist has a variety of tools at their disposal, such as hypnosis, telepathy, mind control, and clairvoyance to name a few in which they delve to perform acts that show a deep understanding of the human psyche. Considered psychic entertainers, mentalists use psychological treats for your mind. When combined with magic tricks, effects, or illusions, you and your team will be astounded at what is done before you, wondering how on Earth it was achieved.

7. Stilt Performers

A special type of performer that has lasted through the ages to entertain and enthrall, stilt walkers command attention in any event. With amazing costumes and personalities to match, they make ideal meet and greeters. Some even incorporate other acts, such as juggling or flame-throwing into their routine. 

Do you want something immersive, mesmerizing, or both? With any of these seven ideas incorporated into an event for your team, you will not only be spoiled for choice but whatever you select will enthrall your team. Your boss will be so impressed that you may even be asked to organize more corporate events for your colleagues.