6 Services Every Small Business Needs to Survive and Grow

From IT services to software and app development, to HR services a small business requires essential services to be successful and increase business growth. While it may seem easy to start up a small business, entrepreneurs can swiftly become overwhelmed without the proper guidance and knowledgeable support staff.

Here are 6 essential services that any small business can benefit from.

1. IT Support Services

IT support services are incredibly important to any small business. It is not as easy as setting up a home computer and printer then off you go! Having appropriate infrastructure set up will decrease operating costs and increase ease of work for business owners and employees alike. 

In the Edinburgh area, Onestop is a great IT Support business that offers customers everything from IT Strategy to IT security services. If you are starting up a small business, this is a great first call to make. They work within your business strategy to help set your company up for success.

2. Software and Application Development

In this day and age, it is important to have appropriate software that can assist your business, rather than dragging it down. Employing a software development firm to ensure your staff and client applications run smoothly and efficiently is incredibly important.

Consumers are more and more reliant on applications and companies that offer easy access via a smartphone application. Be a leader in technology by providing an application customized to your business and consumer needs.

3. Hardware and Software

While many people think servicing clients is the most important, ensuring your staff has the framework, hardware and software to do their jobs is important. As any small business grows, it will require more and more support staff members. 

You can ensure employee efficiency by ensuring your employees have the tools they need to do their jobs. The days of fumbling with paper files or carbon copy invoices are gone. By digitizing and ensuring your staff is working with the best computer systems available, you will ensure that you get what you pay for when it comes to employees.

Unhappy or frustrated staff members can also affect client relationships; if your employees are frustrated with their systems, they may take more time to answer customer questions and not be able to provide the support that your clients are otherwise expecting.

4. Accounting and Taxation Services

A great benefit to owning a small business is taking advantage of available tax refunds and expenses. However, the world of accounting can be very intimidating and confusing.

Ensuring you are employing adequate bookkeeping and accounting services is a must to ensure efficient business and enhancing profits. Don’t allow your company to pay unnecessary overhead and not utilize all the government incentives that are out there.

Contracting proficient and knowledgeable accounting services will ensure your accounts payable and receivable stay in shape, and you can be confident when tax season rolls around you are getting all the write-off possible for your small business.

5. Cleaning Services

While this may not seem like an essential service, especially during times of COVID it is important to keep your employee and customer spaces cleaned and sanitized. 

Many professional cleaning services will sanitize your office and workspaces in a way that you otherwise wouldn’t, or couldn’t, daily. It also eases your personal need to run around shopping for supplies if you have a professional service contracted to refill or reorder your necessary office sanitary supplies on a weekly basis.

By removing this responsibility, business owners can focus on operations and ideas, customer service and customer retention, rather than be busy handling the less considered, but often time-consuming duties of cleaning and sanitizing the office.

6. Professional HR and Hiring Services

While hiring employees may seem like something easy, simply post your job and run interviews, this process is incredibly time-consuming.

Contracting an appropriate hiring service to filter through applications, run interviews and perform background checks can be essential to ensuring great quality employees who will care about the business the way business owners do.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and the same can be said for small businesses requiring staff. Allowing professionals to hire employees can remove a large load from business owners, and ensure quality staff and employees, which is essential to business growth and success.

While these suggestions only touch the tip of the iceberg when it comes to small business services, they can make or break a company’s success. 

Utilizing these essential services will enhance business growth and stability, and allow owners to place their focus on operations, running the business, and providing the support needed to small business owners.