4 Quick and Easy Furniture Changes To Refresh Your Home

If you’ve lived in your home for over a year or so, chances are, you might just want to change things around a bit. You might be itching for a makeover, but could be reluctant to do so because you feel like it could be a huge project. The good news is that there are ways to give your home a brand new look without having to go to extremes by making changes to your furniture. We’re going to give you 4 of the best ideas that are bound to completely transform the whole appearance of any room in your home. 

1. Statement Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are practical and they can also be the center of attention as well. If you have bland and simple coffee tables in your house, it’s time for you to think again because the variety of options available are a ton of fun and will give you the added flair to give personality to any room. There are coffee tables that are made with contrasting materials, helping the design stand out. You can also get a themed coffee table if you have something particular in mind in terms of style and colors. There are even multifunctional options where they can double as storage, or even expand to become a larger table for more space. The point here is that your coffee table can take all the attention in your room if you want to start off with a statement piece. 

2. Go For Shabby-Chic

The shabby-chic approach is a genius idea really because it’s all about focusing on a worn-out or more vintage look but in an incredibly stylish way. The options found at https://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/ can give you insight into what direction you need to be taking when it comes to shabby chic. You can find this kind of furniture online, or you might want to go hunting around your area and see what the antique shops have to offer. You’ll find that adding this kind of furniture will give an amazing classical feel, or will accentuate an otherwise uniformly modern layout. 

3. Repurpose & Upholster

If you want to take a different approach altogether, you should definitely consider repurposing and upholstering the furniture that you already have. You can take it from a simple paint job all the way to completely taking a piece apart to transform it into something that looks brand new. Your sofas can be upholstered in a way where you pick a completely new material, color, and design, and you can also have the rest of it revarnished for a lighter or darker effect. Some people have gone all the way with innovative and crazy ideas, such as repurposing old bathtubs and turning them into the base of a couch! 

Old cupboards can become amazing bookshelves or lighted display cases, and the list goes on and on. The point is, don’t be so quick to discard any item that you feel might have overstayed its welcome- there is always something you can do to give it new life. 

4. Go for a Minimalist Look 

Modern is really trendy these days, and so it would make sense for you to go for a more minimal approach as you refresh your home. To do so, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to get rid of things, it simply means that you have to rethink the setup and design of each room. Instead of having furniture leaning up against the wall, bring it towards the center so that it feels like there’s more room around the furniture, giving the illusion of being much more spacious than it is. Take furniture out of one room to place in another and you’ll see that by moving things around and having less in each room, the whole feel becomes airy, simple, and luxurious.

Another smart idea would be to utilize smart storage so that the clutter is out of sight. Think about using the space under your stairs, creating storage units that fold into the wall, or getting multi-purpose furniture that serves as storage as well. By doing so, you’re going to create so much more space than you ever thought you had to begin with. 

Refreshing your home might seem like a colossal task in your mind, but when you really think about it and now that you’ve gone over the suggestions mentioned here, it’s much easier than you think. Try to be smart about it and focus on how changes to your furniture can totally transform every space you have in your home, and you’re bound to end up with something wonderful and unique every time.