What to Do If You’re at Fault in a Motor Vehicle Crash Incident

Car crashes are sometimes unavoidable. They can happen for a number of reasons, and you may or may not be at fault. We see millions of articles online dedicated to the subject of what to do if you are not at fault in a car accident, but very seldom do we see articles dedicated to the subject of what to do if you are at fault in a car accident. There is a very strong chance that at least once in our lives, providing we live well into our old age, that we will be responsible for a car accident.

In this article, we will hope to tell you what to do if you are at fault in a car accident. It is important to know what to do in this situation so that you act in accordance with the law and do not make any mistakes.

Here is what to do if you’re at fault in a car accident.

Stay at the Scene

A big mistake many drivers make when they are responsible for a car accident is to flee the scene. Understandably, it is human nature to want to run away from a disaster of your own causing. You must remember, however, fleeing the scene of an accident can get you into a considerable amount of trouble, so much so, you could actually receive a period of imprisonment or a fine that is bordering on extreme. Stay on the scene, in your car if you must, and wait for the police.

Ring an Ambulance

If you are responsible for a serious accident, the first thing you need to do is ring an ambulance, providing, of course, that you are in good condition and able to. Ringing an ambulance will prove you acted responsibly, even when it was your fault, it will also ensure that any injuries sustained can be treated by a healthcare professional and that you are not responsible for severe injury, or worse, death. Ringing an ambulance is something you should do immediately after the car accident takes place.

Ring the Police

After causing an accident, assuming it is serious, it’s best to call the police. The police will, unfortunately, very likely be involved anyway, so having been the person that calls them will look good on your report when it comes to court or whatever punishment you receive. It will show that, despite having caused the accident, you are honest and forthcoming and that you did not intend on hiding what had happened. Ringing the police is something you should do immediately, once you have checked the other person is okay, phoned the ambulance, and sat in your car.


After a car accident, it is a commonplace for those responsible to vehemently deny ownership of responsibility, especially when it is made clear that there is very little evidence in the way of cameras or outside testimonies. It is important that you own up to the accident, even if you will get in trouble. It is poor character to deny something you are responsible for and shift blame onto somebody else. If the person were to be arrested or to be in trouble for an accident that was your fault by virtue of your refusal of guilt, how would you feel?

Contact an Attorney

We understand that car accidents can be stressful, unavoidable, and worrisome. In fact, in the state of Texas, it is suggested that a fatal car accident occurs every 2.5 hours. One Houston car accident lawyer Joe Stephens says that every car accident should be investigated thoroughly and not sped through. You may think that you are responsible, but in actuality, it could be the fault of the other driver. Having an attorney on your side to investigate the case and to discover the truth about who was at fault is very important.

Deal With It

Once you have been proven guilty and are taking responsibility for a car accident, it’s important to deal with whatever comes your way. Do not attempt to run away, shift blame, or refuse responsibility – it’s too late. Deal with what comes your way in the best way that you can. Take your punishment and do not attempt to avoid it. However, be sure to offer mitigating circumstances to your attorney so that you can reduce your punishment accordingly. Deal with the aftermath of the car accident, stand tall, and keep your chest out.

In this article, we hope to have explained what to do if you are responsible for a car accident. We hope that you have enjoyed the read and that you have benefitted from this page, we also hope that you never are responsible for a car accident. Thanks for visiting us!