Is It Still Possible To Make Money During The Pandemic?

2020 has been a rough year for everybody. Aside from Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, a single human is being alive that, truly, benefited from this time. The effect of a hindrance on commerce is tantamount to neutering the very fabric of global society. How were ideas, religion, and technology spread around the world? It was through the trade routes. How did the ability to make something out of nothing become a global phenomenon? It was through commerce. So when we talk about the economy, we’re talking about the movement of people and the value that they exchange.

So how does one do that in a pandemic? How does one even begin to get their footing during a global shut down? Well, fortunately, there are ways around the nonsense and the restrictions. We, as a society, or in a position where we have to follow safety protocols and more. But we can still make money. We can always make money. Here is how.


If you don’t have a website, you should build one. Having a website in 2020 is the only way anybody is going to see your product. They’re not going to go out in the market, they’re not going, and they’re not going to see it from the street vendors. According to the fat stack blog, a website is the most lucrative thing you can do at the moment. If you go to their website and look at what they have to offer, they have boosters and products that can propel your website further than it is ever gone. So it’s a no brainer. Furthermore, building a website isn’t that difficult. There are so many ways that you, the average individual, can make, manage, and grow the perfect site for your business or your product.

Retail Investment 

Did you get any kind of government aid? Did you get any kind of stimulus check? Immediately invest that. The retail investment market in 2020 has been as wild as it has ever been. It’s very difficult to gauge why exactly the markets have been the way that they are. But if you follow the proper strategy with your retail investment portfolio, you can make your money work for you instead of letting it just sit in savings. Granted, if you make the wrong decisions, everything is going to go down. But this is what the interns for. Basing things off of sound strategies and the consensus is going to help you keep your money. The Hail Mary passes are going to make your money in the short run. But if you aren’t about that kind of strategy, stick to the All-Stars. Stick to the growth patterns of the S&P 500. Invest in things that make sense. Once you get a handle on it, you can explore the critical counterintuitive. You can make money, sure. The point is not to lose money. Warren Buffett said that.


During times of economic strife, the entrepreneur always comes up on top. And not the influencer, I Instagram heavy “entrepreneur and cold in the way that makes you cringe. What comes out on top of the people that also. What comes out on top of the people that take the resources that are available to them and flip them for cash. An entrepreneur can be anyone. It could be a grandma selling cookies. It can be your neighbor fixing laptops for 10% less than what they charge at the mall. It can be you, finding out what you’re good at, honing in on that, and finding a potential market. When you find an audience for your service, you are an entrepreneur. It’s important not to get caught up in the ego of the term. It’s important to keep yourself grounded while embracing that title. Most importantly, if you find out what other people want, and you realize you’re good at that, you just turned yourself into a gold mine during a pandemic.

Making money in a pandemic is about ingenuity and adaptation. Sitting around and wondering why you’re broke is never going to make anyone any money. So build that website. Jumping on the gig economy If you have a car, sign up for delivery service. If you have a washing machine, start a neighborhood washing service. Being a part of this new trade structure is what’s holding up hundreds, if not thousands of individuals in your city alone. If you got the time, jump in on it. Don’t leave money on the table.