How Do You Make Money Buying Commercial Property?

People move up and down, left and right to pocket some dimes. Urbanization is undeniably responsible for the influx of population, especially in cities. What follows is a series of related business activities that supply endless goods and services to sustain life. Where will they live, go shopping or relax after a long and hectic week?

That’s where entrepreneurs come in. They seek to fill this niche. Investments in real estate are skyrocketing, and the industry is experiencing tremendous growth.

From shopping malls to gated communities, it is obvious that architects and engineers are having a constant stream of projects to work on. Does this mean that only tycoons can have this cake? No! Many think that a lot of capital is needed, but this is untrue. Of importance is how to make the most of what is at hand. It is also not mandatory for one to start with a massive building. A relatively small asset can be the foundation then steady advancements can be made.

It’s a step at a time; who said all things come at once? Also, much will be learned along the way hence gaining experience. So, what are some practical ways to make your property venture profitable? Consider the following suggestions.

Appreciated property

The land is an asset that rarely disappoints as far as appreciation is concerned. As the years come and go, so go, so does its value increase. Property on its perimeter is also included in the valuation process. Smart merchants may buy a low-priced property and later on develop and resell. It is advantageous, especially if an area has growth potential. This is common for places experiencing a constant flow of people, as in the case for tourist destinations or for companies looking for warehouses to store their products.


The shelter is a basic necessity. With the surge in numbers, especially in developed cities, people need housing. The apartments vary in shape, size, and color hence making the market competitive. Modern trends in construction, as well as interior finishes, are some aspects that one can capitalize on to stand out as unique.

Corporations also require office spaces; therefore, your strategically located building could be just what they need. Tourists’ hotspots are additional opportunities where one can invest in holiday homes.

Larger spaces could be rented as retail shops for well-established franchises, supermarkets, or restaurants. Malls will illustrate this. The good thing is that one is assured of payment by a percentage of renters even if others delay due to low sales.


Letting out your property for a while can be an excellent way to earn an income from real estate. Being the lessor, you determine the amount to be paid until the completion of the lease period. Agreements differ based on the nature of the market as well as existing trends.

If one is yet to acquire his property but has an interest in this line of work, leasing is a step in the right direction. This gives him purchase rights if his eventual goal is becoming the owner. In case he changes his mind, these rights can be sold to another individual.


Thanks to creativity, an unsightly house can be converted into an admirable home. The facelift gives the property a new, fresh look. Repainting with the help of a commercial painting contractor, recarpeting, commercial plumbing maintenance, and roof replacement may be what is needed to attract prospective buyers. Drainage systems and well pumps are not to be forgotten as faulty systems can be disastrous for occupants. Sourcing efficient personnel is critical to get quality work done.

Proper planning is another important thing to ensure that the renovations stay within budget. It is hoped that the funds will be recovered after property sales.


With many turning to the internet to publicize their goods and services, the traditional use of billboards might be overlooked. However, its relevance is still irreplaceable. Hundreds learn of a product after spotting billboards as they go about their daily routines. Can this mode be a business opportunity for those in real estate? I don’t see why not.

Shopping centers are flocked with buyers, and billboards could be effective in such a palace. Entrances of the premise could have posters as well as outside walls. If the property is along a busy street, business owners can take advantage of and promote their goods.

Short sales

When a homeowner is between a rock and a hard place financially, servicing a mortgage could be a burden. As sentimentally attached to the house as one may be, some tough decisions have to be made. Investors could move in to purchase such property because it is sold at a lower price.

A thorough inspection with the help of property valuation and utility inspection consulting services is also key to determine if the property is worth the dollar. As it is said, let the purchase be worth your salt. The merit of such houses is that less is spent on refurbishment as compared to older buildings. Then, the value appreciates, and later the selling price is higher than the buying price. You can’t help but smile at the incredible sale.

Extra activities

How can one earn separately from the same piece of property under his possession? The answer is simple; offer other services at the same premise. For instance, can the tenants pay their rent and garbage collection fee differently? Besides, if the place is leased, could you exclude the parking area to collect the fees? Such ideas diversify your source of income hence maximizing benefits.


Investments can be made in whichever area the individual feels comfortable in. Commercial buildings are with no doubt profitable. One doesn’t need a fortune; capital can be minimal. Those involved, especially beginners, have to calculate their moves during decision-making. Location is, however, fundamental for any property.

You could have a state-of-the-art office building, but it repels occupants due to inaccessibility. This might be frustrating, mostly because one could have obtained a loan to develop the place.

A wide range of options areavailable to monetize your assets. It could be an advertisement, leasing, or even renting. Just be careful to play your cards well and choose what is compatible with your goals. Be updated on the current trends to remain relevant. This is your business, and with effort, it will be where you want it to be. But what if you are thinking of REITs investment? You can still get all the necessary from