Expert Tips for Maintaining Your Playground Equipment

Once you’ve bought your playground equipment, the next step is to ensure that they’re well maintained to increase their lifespan. You don’t want to keep buying equipment repeatedly as this increases your spending. Well-maintained equipment can be used without harming a child or even yourself; This means that they’re able to withstand the impact of being used daily. Whether your equipment is new or a few years old, it would be best to set up a maintenance schedule to clean your equipment. You can do this by yourself or hire a professional to help with your maintenance plan. Here are a few solutions to help keep your playground equipment well-maintained.

1. Plan Before Buying

While this sounds like a no-brainer, many people tend to ignore this. Before purchasing any playground equipment, it would be best to think about how it will fit your environment. According to playground equipment manufacturers from Moduplay, the installation of the equipment matters too. If the equipment is under heavy use, you should buy equipment that can withstand challenging physical play without requiring constant repair every month. We advise that you plan and think about the environment where the equipment will be used. Planning helps to ensure that you purchase the right equipment for your play area for children

2. Equipment Inspection

Whatever the type of area in which your equipment is installed, it would help if you think about inspecting your equipment. Regular checks and inspections will ensure the playground equipment is in excellent condition and is safe for use. You can schedule for the examination each month or after every two weeks. However, this depends on how regularly the equipment is used. If the playground equipment has high traffic and is used daily, you can shorten the duration to one week or less. An inspection helps to spot any small damages on your equipment before the equipment becomes too damaged to use.

3. Replacement Plan

If your playground equipment is 5-10 years old or older, you might begin noticing the effects of tear and wear. You can think about implementing a replacement in place, so you’re well prepared when that time comes. When it’s time to replace your equipment, you can think about factors such as the type of equipment children enjoy using the most. This means you can do away with a piece of equipment that is rarely used by children. Additionally, you can think about layout issues, if any. One of the vital questions you need to answer is whether your environment can accommodate a particular item you plan to add. Figuring out such things will save you plenty of money and make your next project a success.

4. Dust-free Equipment

If you want your equipment to last an extended period, the first step is to ensure they’re clean and dust-free. Dust does more harm than good to your equipment. You can discuss with your staff and implement a cleaning schedule for your equipment. Cleaning playground equipment is easy as you only need soap and water. We advise that you avoid chemical cleaners and instead go for a standard all-purpose cleaner. Use a wet cotton cloth or sponge to wipe the areas where you can reach. Ensure cleaning is done thoroughly, especially in high traffic touchpoints. Such areas accumulate plenty of dirt and are also a breeding ground for germs and viruses. While cleaning is suitable for hygiene, it also makes the equipment look neat.

5. Quick Repairs

Once you spot any area that needs fixing, it would be best to ensure the repair is done promptly. This lowers the risk for the damage getting worse and eventually unrepairable. The school maintenance team can carry out an equipment repair. However, if the repair is too complicated for your in-house staff, you will have to hire experts. Playground equipment experts are experienced and well trained to spot any damages and fix them effectively. After the repairs, it would be best to assess whether the equipment is safe for children to use. This means checking whether the repair was done correctly. 

6. Take Advantage of School Breaks

When children are on school breaks or holidays, this is ideal for carrying out planned maintenance. Additionally, it’s also a good time to do any repainting and installing new equipment. You can also use this time to assess the security of the playground and the equipment’s safety. This means the equipment will be ready for use for the next school year.

Playground equipment becomes worn over time and with constant use. However, following our tips will help to keep your equipment well maintained. Additionally, this ensures the equipment lasts for a long time. Finally, if you’re planning for a full replacement, you can consult professional experts who will evaluate and install equipment.