Easy Steps to Improve Your Spotify Plays

Don’t just expect that an audience will magically form out of thin air. Your audience is made of actual people that have real musical preferences. This means that you need to capture their attention and appreciation. However, just having the profile set up doesn’t mean that you will have everything set. Take a few hints from the following steps to help maximize your music potential.

Why Improving Your Plays Will Improve Your Popularity

Spotify is one of the largest entertainment platforms on the internet in the world. That is uncontested. Spotify’s monthly active users worldwide from Q1 in 2015 to Q3 in 2020 increased from 68 million users to 320 million users.

This means you can have your art visible on a platform with hundreds of millions of potential fans and followers. That will equate to improved exposure and more royalty revenues. Here are your steps to make it all happen.

Step One: Make Music for Your Audience

Your music needs to be a reflection of your voice and your sound. It is a chance to reflect your feelings and thoughts in your art. This could be music or podcasts. However, the point is that you need to produce something that is authentic and appreciated.

Be smart about how you chose to produce your sound. If you produce music with the intent to create something new, your music will be appreciated. Though, make sure that the music is something that is wanted. You could have the best marketing in the world, but if the music is produced poorly, isn’t your best attempt, or isn’t in line with the audience, then you won’t see any benefit. Put your best foot forward each time. Always make sure you provide your best music to your audience.

Step Two: Market Your Music

It is obvious, but it needs repeating. Even if you have the best music in the world, no one will listen to it if no one knows it exists. Again, remember, an audience isn’t created out of thin air. It is developed via proactive marketing manipulation. So, you need to improve your digital marketing skills if you want to improve your Spotify and royalty metrics.

This means that you will need to advertise your music on all of the important social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok and any other important platform. The digital marketing you do will reflect in your numbers. Self-promotion is critical to the success of the artist, brand, and band. Marketing could include full branding of the sound. Branding matches a sound with an individual. This allows your target audience to follow you easier and get you paid easier.

Step Three: Buy Followers and Plays

The biggest way to boost your visibility overnight on Spotify is to instantly boost your Spotify streams. You can do this if you want. All you need to do is to buy Spotify streams. It is easier than you think, and it can incredibly improve your metrics.

The biggest benefit that you will see with purchasing streams is the effect on the Spotify algorithm. The Spotify algorithm will spot popular artists and songs and share them to others that listen to similar music. The problem is that you can’t ask Spotify to share your music. Instead, you need to improve your streams and plays to get more streams and plays. It may sound a little backwards, but unfortunately that is how it works. Organic growth only occurs when you’ve reached a certain level of visibility and exposure. Up until that point you need to promote, promote, and promote some more in any way possible.

Buying Spotify streams, plays, and followers is easy, quick, and effective. The other benefit to improving your numbers is the effect on potential listeners. If they have the option to listen to different artists, they are most likely going to listen to the artist with the higher numbers. So, force the choice by beating your competitors with numbers. These can be in the form of daily, weekly, or monthly improvements to your streams, plays, and followers.

Step Four: Buy a Mansion

Once you’ve done these easy steps you are ready to go out and buy a mansion. Obviously, it may take a few years, but you can get there. It is all about producing the sound that makes you smile and showing that sound off to the world. Spotify is the largest platform to do this and you can’t avoid that. So, next time you upload a track, make sure it is a killer, and tell all your friends about it.