Best Software for Designing Print Media

Designing good print media can be hard, due to how there are so many things you need to do and implement to ensure that it looks the best it can. The process can also be more difficult if you don’t have the right tools and applications to help you make the final product look good.

That’s why it’s important to use the best pieces of software there are, ones that have plenty of useful tools and functions so that you can build effective print media. Here’s a look at some of the best software out there that designers should be using.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe’s graphic design software gets the nod as one of the best pieces of software graphic designers and media creators should be using, simply because of its ease of use and many features that allow you to effortlessly create stunning pieces of work. InDesign is a favorite for many industry leaders and is considered an essential for professional-level work that your business should be aiming to produce. This is because the software allows you to export your work in various different print file formats, helping you to maintain a good-quality print regardless of how you’re producing the media.

The only issue with InDesign is that it is pretty pricey, and this might not make it a suitable option for smaller businesses, especially if there isn’t a huge demand for consistent print media. Instead, some of the other options might be more suitable.


CorelDraw is a great piece of software for creators to use, due to the scalable vector graphics it produces. This means that any drawings or graphics created won’t get blurry or pixelated when their size is altered, which is essential when creating high quality print media.

This makes it a great piece of software to create more identity themed pieces of media, such as logos, letterheads, and business cards due to the high level of accuracy it affords.

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a mid-range piece of software in terms of price but is still a very useful and reliable piece of software to create your media. This is because it works great with both visual media as well as copy, making it extremely great for brochures and catalogs where there is going to be a high volume of both.

Publisher is awesome at helping you figure out your page layouts really effectively, allowing designers to create the best formatting and page hierarchy possible to draw the reader in and make their designs more effective. Work on publisher can also be exported in a variety of printing files, meaning that it will produce high-quality printed media, providing that the graphics used are of good quality to begin with.

Affinity Designer

This software is brilliant at creating more visual pieces of media for print and is designed with professional creators in mind to help them have the most seamless experience while using it. It has great cloud functionality, making it a great piece of software to work on as a team and is also available at a very modest price, making it great for a business of any size to have.