Are Employers Responsible for Workplace Back Injuries?

Accidents are common in the workplace and the employers are liable for everything that happens in their respective organizations. However, it may appear simple and straightforward to fill in the forms for compensation when you are injured at work, but getting the full benefits you deserve is not that easy.

You need to report the accident to the line supervisor, get treatment, and pursue your workplace compensation claim. Read on to learn the employer’s responsibilities for workplace injuries.    

Employer’s Duties

According to compensation laws, employers are responsible for injuries that occur in the workplace. Many people suffer from back pain in the workplace as a result of strains, sprains, posture problems, and other health conditions. The employer must pay lost wages and medical bills if the employee sustains an injury on the job. Regardless of how the injury occurred, the employer is supposed to take full responsibility and ensure that the injured person gets proper medical care.

The injured person must immediately notify the supervisor after an accident in the workplace. The supervisor should seek medical attention for the injured person and make sure that they do not suffer additional harm. The responsible authority should write an accident report outlining the circumstances surrounding the injury. The supervisor should also instigate the accident and take corrective action to prevent the same occurrences in the future. The injured employee should also try to document all the details about the accident and take photographs and other relevant information. 

Hire A Professional Personal Injury Lawyer

The worker’s compensation laws can be difficult to understand, and this can impact your claim for compensation if you do not have sound legal representation. Therefore, it is crucial to enlist the services of a professional injury attorney to get the benefits you deserve if you are injured at work. Expert injury lawyers at explain that when you are hurt on the job, you are bound to lose income, and you also need medical treatment for your injury. Dealing with serious injuries is a stressful experience that should be handled carefully. It is essential to enlist the services of a professional attorney with experience in dealing with similar cases. If your claim is denied, a competent lawyer can file a lawsuit to help you recover the benefits you deserve for your injuries. 

Right to Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Every employee who is hurt in the workplace has a legal right to get compensation benefits for financial loss and emotional stress. It is important to get legal representation if you feel that your employer does not want to pay the compensation benefits you deserve. If you have experienced a workplace injury, you should get compensation if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Problems paying your medical bills
  • Aggravation of preexisting condition
  • Inability to see your preferred doctor
  • Denied claim
  • The pressure to return to work before you fully recover

With the right legal representation, you can get the compensation that you deserve if you can prove that you were injured at work. 


The procedures involved in workplace injuries do not end when you get medical care and compensation. An injured worker may require long-term rehabilitation so that they fully recover to their normal functioning. Rehabilitation can be vocational or physical to help you cope with injuries and counseling to reorient the injured person to the workforce. Employers are supposed to accommodate all injured workers when they return to work, and they should not show any sign of discrimination. 

Injury Under The Influence Of Alcohol

There are exceptional cases where you may not be eligible to get compensation for workplace back injuries. For instance, your employer’s insurance company may refuse to pay benefits following an injury when one is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In every workplace, it is an offense to use drugs and alcohol. 

The worst part of the whole issue involves your attempt to get compensation when you are injured while drunk. Chances of not getting compensation are high given that insurance companies do not honor that obligation of compensating people who use substances at work. 

When you are hurt on the job or in the office, the employer is liable for the injuries. The employer has to ensure that the workplace is safe, otherwise, the company may face a lawsuit following an accident. The injured worker is supposed to report the accident to the supervisor and document all the necessary information that can help support the claim. The line manager should write an accident report that can be used to determine the total compensation a victim should get for the injuries and loss of income.