A Guide On How To Choose Furniture For A Mansion

Having a mansion for a home is one of the best luxuries you could ever have. If you’ve just bought a mansion, congratulations! All that remains is finding the proper furniture to fill up that enormous space, but make sure that you’re not overdoing it. Nowadays, we have crazy conceptions of what a mansion can look like on the inside. Celebrities have done a great job of showing off their fancy cribs with their unusual décor and pieces of furniture, but if you want to keep it simple and classy, this guide should put you on the right track.

Choose a Design Style

Choosing a single style for your house can pose a bit of a problem. Assuming that you’re not going to live in a mansion all by yourself, your family members will have their own ideas and design styles that they’ll want to apply to their space. There is nothing wrong with choosing multiple design styles, but only if they go along together as well as with the architecture of the house itself. This will also influence the decorative pieces you add after furnishing. Here are some quality interior design product lines and style ideas that you can apply for your space and also to shared spaces.

Traditional Furniture

For many people, traditional furniture is no longer used, but if you look at furniture catalogs, you’ll find that traditional pieces continue to inspire decorators and artists to make new, classical constructions that immediately catch the eye. Traditional mansions are furnished with luxurious textiles, antiques, and expensive finishing that gives off an aristocratic appeal, so if that is the effect you’re looking for, make sure that your mansion is furnished with these antique pieces. Antique furniture is on the larger side of the furniture spectrum, so it’s going to occupy a large space. Note that it also won’t go well with modern pieces, since they’re fairly small in comparison.

Modern Furniture

Modern furniture has become a favorite for many house owners. If you want to express yourself and your lifestyle through décor, minimalist furniture should be your way to go. This is a great option for your new home, especially for those who like minimalistic, pop art, or retro décor. Modern styles usually integrate different elements, so it’s going to be perfect if you can’t agree on a single design style in your new house with your family. While combining different styles might sound impossible at first, expert designers and decorators will make it work out. Make sure that you mix technology with your contemporary furniture to provide an aesthetic and a pleasing contemporary appeal to the interior of your house. You should also look for a neutral gradience of colors when choosing pieces of furniture.

English Style Furniture

The difference between an English style and other design styles is that living rooms didn’t exist in large English homes. Instead, they had reception rooms, sitting rooms, and drawing rooms. Thus, the interior was arranged in a different way than what we would commonly see in more modern styles (mainly to preserve warmth in the room). For example, the fireplace should be the heart of a room, the furniture is made of floral pattern, checkered, or striped upholstery. Porcelain, wood, copper, and even bone elements were used to accessorize the space. All in all, this style is used to create a feeling of warmth and coziness, so if you want to furnish your house with English style pieces, make sure that your furniture evokes that feeling

Hire an Interior Designer

Mansions are quite spacious, so it’s not a run-of-the-mill job that you can easily do on your own by simply browsing for furniture. Decorating a mansion must be done by an interior designer or a decorator. This is mostly because they are more knowledgeable than you are when it comes to styling according to the configuration and space you have while also translating your design ideas into the final result. An experienced interior designer will be able to give you what you expect without a hassle, and even if something turns out to be not like what you expected, they can make changes with ease. In addition to this, interior designers are meticulous and will go over every single detail to ensure that you’re satisfied with the final result.

Now that you know what you need to do to furnish your house, picking the right pieces of furniture shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re still not sure which style you should go with, continue your research! You’ll find an abundance of decoration and interior design ideas and one of them will surely match your mansion. Make sure to always consult an interior designer if you’re not sure what will work best for your space.