A Beginner’s Guide On What Golfing Equipment To Get

As a beginner, you’re probably not familiar with how many things you can find in stores when it comes to golf equipment. There are so many different shapes, colors, sizes, balls, excellent brands, etc.

Even though it’s great that you can come across a huge selection of items, it may also be very overwhelming to you because you wouldn’t know what to choose first. As somebody who isn’t experienced, the essentials are presumably the first thing that comes to your mind.

On the other hand, more advanced players are more prone to carrying GPS devices, fitted clubs, and many others. Still, that doesn’t mean that you should be doing this too! We will help you out by providing you with some beginner’s tips to meet your specific demands.

What Do You Really Need?

Golf Balls

It doesn’t matter whether you are playing golf on the local golf course, or garden, you cannot do it without having a golf ball. To be real, that’s the only piece of equipment that you need in order to play this sport. Therefore, it’s of great importance to purchase a high-quality golf ball that is going to meet your needs and style of play. If you find the right one, you will be able to improve your form and game while playing with others.

On the market, you can come across a variety of different types of balls that can suit anyone’s budget, from a wide range of top-notch manufacturers, such as Callaway, Titleist, TaylorMade, etc. Now, even though you may develop an interest in a certain type, you can’t still know for sure which one suits you best. It would be wrong to perceive it as “just” a golf ball. It is as crucial as other parts of your equipment. 

Golf Clubs

Another thing that is obviously extremely necessary is a good set of clubs. Golf lovers at Honest Golfers suggest that for starters it would be best to obtain a set intended for beginners. They are relatively affordable and come with everything you need to work on your skills.

Another option that is maybe less practical is to create your own set. If this is your plan, then you should opt for second-hand clubs. Online, you will be able to find superb deals when it comes to this. Go for:

  1. Set of cavity-backed irons – The greatest example of that is Ping Eye 2 made out of five irons. There are no blade irons.
  2. Choosing putter – it doesn’t matter whether you are more into a mallet putter, or a traditional one, just picks whatever seems perfect for you.
  3. Sand wedge – The best solution, in this case, is Cleveland Smart Sole S Wedge.
  4. Fairway wood with seventeen to twenty-three degrees loft – Whatever you choose, just ensure that it has more than seventeen degrees.

More Examples Of Necessary Gear

Golf Shoes

It doesn’t matter whether it’s for a special occasion, or as a part of your equipment (like golf in this case), shoes are important. It’s essential to purchase a solid footing during your game because they are going to provide you with great support and comfort.

Remember that you’ll be walking a lot, hence, you need to find something that isn’t going to make you feel tired or cause pain. Namely, a lot of golf courses are not going to let golfers play without the right shoes, so even if you do not find them relevant, well, others do!

Now, when it comes to price, the branded ones are typically a bit pricey, but on the other hand, very durable. So, when you think of it, purchasing a first-class pair of shoes is actually a great investment.

Golf Bag

Most beginners do not think that buying a bag is an important step when it comes to having high-quality equipment, but this attitude is generally wrong. Viz, the quality of your game may be seriously affected by the type of bag you purchase.

If you opt for an uncomfortable one, then carrying it around a course over a couple of miles is going to make you feel extremely tired. That’s why you have to ensure you are obtaining something that is cozy with well-padded straps. It also wouldn’t hurt if you spent money on a golf trolley.

The Right Equipment Equals Success

No matter how great or talented you think you are, without proper equipment you won’t be able to succeed, at least not as much as you would want to. It may be necessary to set some money aside and buy whatever it takes to get you started, but trust us, it’s worth it!