Why Video Is Such a Powerful Medium

Videos have always been popular, however, it is safe to say that for the time being there is an even bigger demand for video content. Everywhere you go, it’s there. You can come across it on social media, online advertisements, television, text messages, billboards, etc.

And what’s even better, is that creating a high-quality video has never been easier. Even the ones that are not experienced in making any video content can quickly film, publish or edit these clips.

Those who are not yet convinced can just take a look at YouTube and easily conclude that it is one of the most visited websites in the world. What’s so special about videos? If you’re looking for answers, you’re at the right place, because we’re about to give you some answers!

What’s So Good About It?

It Builds Trust

Of course that generally you should focus on both traffic and content, however, there are some things that are far more important. It’s called trust. No matter how irrelevant it may appear to be, your customers need to feel like you’re trustworthy.

Without it, there isn’t any future. That’s precisely why you should turn to videos. They easily and efficiently engage people and evoke different emotions. Besides that, they are also quite convincing which is important if you want to sell a service or product. 

Nonverbal Communication

Those who pay close attention to body language and verbal tone, know how crucial they are when an important message needs to be sent. Experienced gurus at SignatureVideoGroup.com want to remind you that text messages are mainly focusing on word choice or punctuation to convey a message. That’s not the case with videos.

Namely, with this medium, people get a clearer picture of what the speaker is trying to say by monitoring his or her body language, verbal tone, and many other things. More importantly, a video can also embellish its message by implementing various pictures and footage. These are all very huge parts of any video content.

Look for a video editing free platform to create and edit your videos. All you have to do is make sure that your video is informative, exciting, and engaging.

Giving You More Reasons To Love Them!

So Shareable!

People think it’s easy to make an article popular by placing a tempting, clickbait title. Unfortunately, that’s not how things work. No matter how inviting a headline you put, your chances are always around fifty-fifty when it comes to views.

Now, on the other hand, that’s not the case with videos. Since they are currently extremely popular, it’s easy to conclude that they are much more shareable! By the time you call someone to see if they have checked a video that you’ve posted, they’ve likely already seen it and almost instantly shared it. 

Google Adores Videos

If the biggest search engine is on your side (figuratively speaking) when it comes to this topic, then there’s nothing to worry about. Namely, videos enable you to increase the time spent by people on your website.

Long exposure means that you are reliable which instantly sends a message to search engines that you have high-quality content. It’s worth mentioning that you are fifty-three times more likely to appear first on Google if different videos are added to your website.

Now, it would be smart to optimize the videos you make on YouTube for SEO. You could do that by creating engaging titles and descriptions. Most essentially, you should add a link back to your site, services, or products. These things will help potential consumers take the next step.

It Increases Sales

The rule of thumb is that the success of most marketing campaigns is based on conversions, meaning how many viewers have actually purchased your product or at least expressed interest in it.

That’s precisely why many companies are utilizing this type of advertising. They want to push consumers closer to their purchase. If a potential buyer has a good experience with a video, it is going to increase the chances of him or her purchasing your items by ninety-seven percent!

Now, just because videos generally give great results, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put effort into creating something that’s of great quality. You must invest yourself one hundred percent and present a product that seems like a perfect solution to any problem. Only then your video is going to be effective enough!

Great Video Equals Major Success!

Based on these reasons, it is easy to conclude that videos have become extremely relevant. Before they were just part of a certain plan, however, in the meantime, they have literally become THE plan. It seems like they are here to stay and that’s why they should be perceived as the most important tool in every strategy.