Up And Coming Primeira Liga Stars That Will Dominate The League In The Years To Come

When it comes to football fandom, avid football fans mostly follow their respective regional or national football leagues such as the German Bundesliga, Italy’s Serie A, Spain’s La Liga, and Portugal’s Primeira Liga as their initial fandom before they follow big international football leagues. 

New developments, player movements, and emerging stars make following the football leagues more exciting than watching the matches for dedicated fans. We shine the spotlight on Primeira Liga as exciting developments of rising stars who might follow the footsteps of Cristiano Ronaldo are hot news items. Read on as we try to get to know the up and coming Primeira Liga stars that will dominate the league in the years to come.

Players from the Big Three

Before we mention the notable Primeira Liga rising stars, we have to look at the league’s colorful history, especially the three most dominant teams. Benfica, FC Porto, and Sporting CP are often referred to as the big three of Primeira Liga due to their impressive numbers of Primeira Liga championship wins. It’s not just the local fans who are excited about what the big three teams have in store for them. Fans of these teams from all over the world share the excitement.

It’s not just fans that are excited, but also local and international sportsbooks and betting sites are catching the excitement fever as well. Asian betting sites are also updated on the loop and deliver the goods for millions of Asian football fans and sports bettors. News about promising Primeira Liga players are also known to fans in Asia thanks to betting updates from 188spesial and other sportsbooks and online betting sites in the region. Aside from the internet and TV broadcasts, online betting sites also provide updates on many profitable football leagues across Europe. It’s no surprise if you’ll find fans and even sports bettors of the big three in Asia.

Benfica: Darwin Nunez

The latest Benfica news all revolve around the 21-year-old forward Darwin Nunez. An impressive start at the Europa League caught Barcelona’s attention, but coach Jorge Jesus dismissed any ideas of the youngster transferring out. As Jesus added, Darwin can learn a lot about the game in Benfica, and their past track record only confirms this. Benfica’s Academy has a long term track of producing high football talent. For example, last year’s Benfica superstar Rúben Dias was a hot prospect for many professional football leagues in Europe. Reports of Liverpool and Tottenham offering a multi-million Euro bid to get the star in their club all fell to dust when Manchester City sealed the deal for 68 million euros. It’s no surprise as Dias has remarkable speed, versatility, and a high aerial success ratio.

FC Porto: Fabio Vieira

The recent FC Porto win in the Primeira Liga 2019/20 championship has highlighted the stellar performances of some young and promising players of the club. The win also solidified FC Porto’s standing among the big three. One young player who shined brightly in the recent season is midfielder Fábio Vieira. He scored his first Champions League goal at just 20, and his agility, passing skills, and his keen eye for a shot are going to be assets for clubs that will soon be vying for his transfer. Other FC Porto players who have star potential include Wenderson Galeno, Tomas Esteves, and Diogo Leite.

Sporting CP: Nuno Mendes

Sporting CP has been a consistent producer of football stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Rui Patricio, and Eric Dier, among others. Nuno Mendes is a promising 18-year-old left-back who is agile, a skilled passer, and quick on his feet. His skills are already catching the eyes of AC Milan and Arsenal. Other notable Sporting CP rising stars include center-back Eduardo Quaresma, forward Tiago Tomas, and winger Joelson Fernandes.

There are many other names from Primeira Liga that we have not mentioned. Nevertheless, all of this means that the Portuguese football league has many players who can make it big in international and more prestigious football leagues. These are the types of players that many football fans follow, as they are excited to see how they develop over the years. Given the current status of the Primeira Liga stars, the future will be bright and exciting for them too.