Interesting Craft Ideas and Their Know-Hows For Teenagers

Teenage is the time of life to explore, grow and unleash the creativity within oneself. With all the fancy devices in hand, teenagers have forgotten the fun and actual creativity with crafts. So, why not get that craziness back? In fact, teenagers can now indulge in some homemade happiness with some creative crafts at Hobby Lobby and other similar brands. What’s even better is the additional savings you can realize with their online craft supplies. Hobby Lobby is offering a whooping 50% off with an additional 40% off on its products. You can purchase some really cool stuff at super affordable prices by applying Hobby Lobby 40% off coupons. Aren’t these some steal deals? To help you know more, let us walk you through some interesting craft ideas for teens which they can dig in during their spare time.

Interesting craft ideas and their know-hows

Jar Candles:

The festivities call for some fancy decorations. So, why not do something out of the box and make your own jar candles. Add the essence of light with DIY decorative jar candles which do not just add to the look of the place but are also super easy to make. The items you need include:

  • Mason jars
  • Coloured wax flakes
  • Wick sticks
  • Wooden spoon (for mixing)
  • Scents and aromatic oils (optional)

You can even find ample candle making crafts at platforms like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and others. This will save you the time and money to go out and buy every element separately.

Christmas wreath:

The wreath is the key element for Christmas. Make it even more special by doing it yourself. You can easily make this yourself or with someone’s help. All you need is a green wire and winterberry branches. You can purchase them from a craft shop and you are good to go. The only thing after this is the arrangement of these elements to form a wreath the way you want.

Friendship bracelets:

Do you even need an occasion to make your friends feel special? Moreover, it isn’t about the money you spend, but the little gestures you make. Consider a handmade friendship band for that matter. Crafting friendship bracelets is surely an engaging activity among teenagers. These are super easy to make and can be crafted quickly. Nowadays, ample kits are available on online platforms and in-stores such as Hobby Lobby, etc., which contain all the materials required to make these bracelets. After all, the elements you need include colourful beads and string! And voila, you have a fancy bracelet for your loved ones.

Balloon bowl:

Sprinkle the crafty elements like confetti. Balloon bowls are not made of balloons. Rather, these are made using balloons. These look super crafty and fancy if kept in a corner and can be used to store your favourite stuff in the room. It is a quick and easy craft. All you need is a balloon, confetti and glue to get your balloon bowl ready. Why splurge a big amount on fancy glass bowls when you can craft one for your room at home itself. After all, the creativity vibes with your aesthete.

Crayon art:

No,  crayons are not outdated yet. From scribbling on the walls to creating fancy craft out of it, teenagers enjoy it a lot. Create a piece of art with your favourite colours just by melting the crayons. The only items you require to create this include a blank canvas, your favourite colourful crayons and a blow dryer. Stick the crayons to the canvas and blow the dryer in the direction of melting crayons. And well, you have an amazing piece ready for your room or living area. This not just looks very creative but also adds colour to the whole place.

Photo frame:

Why not keep all your love in a photograph? After all, it is about the memories worth cherishing. No matter how advanced the technology gets, the love for handmade photo frames remains constant. You can easily craft it using cardboard and your favourite elements to it. What’s even better is the DIY photo frame kits available nowadays. You just need to assemble and stick the elements and add your pictures. So, if you are the one who loves reminiscing sweet memories, why not make a handmade photograph. You can even purchase your DIY kits from platforms like Hobby Lobby, and several other stores.

Flower crown:

Teenagers love having fancy accessories. One among the most fascinating for many of them is the flower crown. Handmade flower crowns are the perfect accessory for summer parties or a fun get-together. In fact, they can even wear a good one for the wedding or theme parties. The elements needed to curate this piece include artificial flowers, florist’s wire and a tape. And you have the flower crown ready for your party! To make it even better, you can purchase the DIY kit from Hobby Lobby and other online platforms. You need not head out at times and can even get it delivered at your home.


What are you waiting for? Get your hands on to some fancy DIY kits and get crafty! After all, it’s never too late to unleash the creativity within you. Whether it be kids or teens, DIY crafts are always an enjoyable activity for all. In case, you do not have all the supplies in hand, go ahead and purchase a DIY craft kit from online platforms like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc.