Great Outdoor Activities For Your Family To Try This Summer

Summer is a beloved period of the year because it offers so many opportunities for outdoor activities, and it’s the time of school breaks which give your family more free time to spend together. To make summertime even more eventful, make a bucket list of activities for your family and check them off as you go. Here are some outdoor activities to give you a better idea.

Go Swimming 

One of the first things people associate with summer is the open swimming season. Summer gives the unique ability for people to go outdoor swimming because the temperatures during the summer are high enough. Swimming with your family will create a strong bond among every one of you. It will make up for all the times you spent apart. It will also improve your household’s physical fitness, and it certainly is a very fun way to stay active. Swimming is also one of the best ways to relax because it alleviates so much stress and it reduces anxiety after a long day. Just remember to bring the necessary swimming aids if you’re bringing your kids along.

Make Ice Cream

Another aspect that is most commonly associated with summer is all the delicious ice cream. Even though nowadays it isn’t uncommon for people to eat ice cream during all the seasons, having even a popsicle during a hot summer day is almost a necessity. Making ice cream is an insightful activity that you can teach your family to do. Simply find a recipe for an ice cream base, cook it, and let your kids pick all the flavors they want. This will make them ecstatic without a doubt, not the mention that your freezer will be fully stocked with this delicious dessert.

Open Water 

Swimming doesn’t have to be the only activity you and your family do while at the lake or the seaside. There are many fun activities such as fishing, paddle boarding, and kayaking for you to do. According to these reviews, paddleboarding has become increasingly popular in recent years. Just be sure to pick the right board size for different family members, as kids will need a smaller board that is easier to navigate. Fishing can also be one of the most memorable summer experiences for your kids, just remember to start it off slow and give them simpler fishing techniques to use.


Taking your family out for picnics during the summer will create lasting memories, especially if you make it a recurring family event. One of the best ways to include all of your family members in planning a picnic is to sit down with them and discuss where they would want to hold the picnic. After you’ve agreed on the location, let them pick the food they would like to bring and give them light instructions on how to prepare them on their own. This will make the picnic prep much easier on you, and you will be out of the house in no time.


Strawberries are often voted the most liked fruit by almost all of the planet. Even though strawberry products are available all year long, nothing quite beats the taste of fresh strawberries. Summertime is the unique time when strawberries are in season, so be sure to use every opportunity to implement them in your dishes. Some of the most common strawberry recipes are the delicious strawberry pie, all kinds of strawberry shortcakes, and strawberry fruit leather. You can even make a jam and store it for wintertime when the strawberry cravings set in, or you can simply freeze them whole to have them ready for use.

Take a Hike

Hiking during the summer is an entirely different experience. Even though it offers a much better view of the nature around you, it can come with some issues because of the hot weather. Be sure to wear proper summer hiking clothes so you don’t overheat. Another important asset to have is a sunscreen which will ensure you all don’t end up looking like lobsters. If some member of your family has trouble cooling down, apply some water to their hat or bandana and let them wear it that way. This will ensure the best way for them to cool down.

Summertime outdoor activities will come in handy once your children hit that period where they get bored because there’s not much for them to do on a school break. Most of these activities are free, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do them.