Facts About Successful eCommerce Sites In 2020

From the statistics from 2019 and 2020, it seems that the future of eCommerce is looking pretty bright. It is apparent that more and more people are purchasing different kinds of products online. Because of that, so many more corporations, companies, and small businesses are now putting some extra work into their online stores.

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic has occurred, more and more businesses have decided to go digital and pursue such goals. All estimations claim that in the next twenty years, all businesses will completely switch to online stores. That is why it would be advisable to read about some facts that make eCommerce sites so successful, especially if you have been thinking about starting such a business yourself. 


One of the most important elements of eCommerce business is speed. Every single page needs to be able to be loaded fast. Otherwise, the research has shown that the one second of delay that may occur in page loading time, can lead up to 16 percent of customer satisfaction decrease. Conversions can be lowered by 7 percent. That is what experts at EnvisageDigital.co.uk would confirm by saying: “Once your site is up and live, the last thing you want is disruptions and downtime to impact your sales and your image.” Glitches or error reports can be even worse than slow loading time. They can also cause a lot of trouble in the long run if not health on time. That is why most online business owners would invest in a good web hosting plan. 

Good Strategy

More and more eCommerce businesses are entering an increasingly growing space as the economy experiences rapid expansion. In order to stand out in the crowd, most businesses are staying on top of the SEO. In the long run, connecting with skilled SEO may help you.  Another thing that helps to promote eCommerce websites are social media outputs. They can be the heartbeats of businesses and can provide a glance at the company to potential customers.

Even though it is preferred to have someone like a social media manager to assist you, it is also important for owners to be involved themselves. Reviews and testimonials on social media of products is also a great idea that is being used for eCommerce sites. These things make the conversation flowing which is the ultimate goal of any eCommerce business entrepreneur. 

Providing “Benefits” To Potential Buyers

One of the biggest “problems” that eCommerce businesses may encounter is the inability to provide their potential buyers to see and let alone smell, feel, or touch their products. That is something that is considered important when making a shopping decision. Even if there is no solution for that, there are ways to compensate for this deficiency in other areas. 

The best tip that one can follow is to include the offering of appropriate pricing and to provide free shipping which may make the checkout process way easier. It is crucial to collect customer information as well since it can help you make a database that can help your future launches. 


Chances that the same person will be buying or visiting your eCommerce website every single day are slim. If they decide to buy something once a week, you would be lucky since the majority of customers shop once a month depending on what the articles are. In order to have higher chances of sales, it would be recommended to run a blog as an addition to your eCommerce Website. 

It has been shown that in 2020, those businesses that have them have built up a strong following since people now have the reason to check out these websites on a weekly or even daily basis. Once the potential customers are on the site, the chances of buying something are increased as a result. 

Payment Method

In order to be successful, another thing to think about is that not all customers have access to MasterCard or Visa. Even if everyone did, it would not mean that that payment method would be the one they preferred. They could easily max out the card or have some better membership benefits on some other card. 

Regardless of the reason, it would be wise to take other cards into options like American Express or Discover when other credit card companies would charge higher merchant transaction fees. Paypal or Apple Pay should also be included in your merchant services and eCommerce business payment method. Find the best merchant services for your business needs.

It is important to never stop evolving. Customers’ tastes, as well as trends and technology itself, will always change. In order to succeed in such a market, you need to be adaptable as well. These tips may serve you well. 

By doing more research on the subject and making educated decisions, you might become one of those successful eCommerce business owners.