Brilliant Bedroom Decorating Ideas You Need to Check Out

For many people, their bedroom is their favorite room in the house because they can lock themselves away and just relax with their thoughts. Everyone deserves to have their little piece of tranquility in their home but creating the perfect bedroom is not always easy. Finding that perfect balance between comfort and style is a challenge for even the most accomplished interior designers. Still, there are some innovative ways to transform a bedroom and create something totally unique, chic, and tailored to your style and personality.

To help out everyone whose bedroom is not up to scratch, here are some brilliant bedroom decorating ideas you need to check out.

1. Bedazzle with Your Bed

The most important thing in your bedroom is, of course, your bed, and creating the perfect bed requires a great frame, a comfortable mattress, and cozy bed sheets. One really brilliant bedding idea is to have your favorite photos printed onto your sheets so that your entire bed is a giant photo of your best friend or beloved pet. While we all remember having our favorite animation characters or sports team logos on our childhood duvets, bed sheets with our meaningful photos really take personalization to a whole new level. 

2. Mix the Stylish with the Sentimental

While we all want every room in our homes to be ultra stylish, the bedroom is the one room where you can afford to be a little more sentimental. Ultimately, your bedroom is a space for you to cozy up and be yourself, so fill your bedroom with artwork, posters, and photos that have sentimental value for you. Very few guests will ever see your bedroom, so you are totally free to decorate it with whatever you want, even if it is a bit silly. Feel like having a lifesize mural of all your friends? Do it! Want a whole wall dedicated to photos of your puppies? Go ahead! Nothing is off the table when it comes to decorating your bedroom, so gather up all your favorite photos and pictures and create a bedroom where you can immerse yourself in reminders of the people and things you love.

3. Make Light Your Friend

Decorating and transforming a space doesn’t always require you to buy a lot of new furniture or even repaint the walls. By simply adjusting the light in your bedroom, you will be able to instantly create a whole new mood in the room, which is totally changeable, depending on how you are feeling. This can be done most simply by replacing your traditional light switch with a dimmer switch but can be done with even more versatility by swapping your one big ceiling light for multiple smaller lights. These may be strings of fairy lights, neon stick lighting, or even an entire smart lighting system. Being able to customize the lighting in your room at the click of a button can save you lots of time and money on other decorating methods.

4. Create Spaces within the Space

If you are lucky enough to have a big bedroom, one really useful thing you can do is to separate your bedroom into smaller spaces for different purposes. Think of your bedroom as being like a studio apartment and create an area for sleeping, another for getting ready, a separate spot for reading or writing your journal, and other areas for all the things you usually do in your room. On the other hand, if you have a small bedroom, look at ways to utilize every inch of space for a range of different applications. This will help to make your room a multi-functional space that is perfectly designed with an ideal relationship between comfort and usability.

5. Give Your Feet a Treat

One aspect of your bedroom where you can focus solely on comfort, however, is the floor. In other rooms that get many people walking through, you need a more hardwearing floor, but in your bedroom, you can throw durability out the window in favor of the softest, most comfortable carpet or rug you can find. If a personalized duvet isn’t enough for me, you can even get a rug to match. 

Decorating your bedroom is one of the most enjoyable interior design projects you can do. Your bedroom is your personal space, so you can choose to decorate it in any way you like. From customized duvets to perfectly ambient mood lighting, the possibilities are endless when it comes to bedroom design. The important thing is to always focus on creating a space where you feel totally comfortable to be yourself. Try out these brilliant bedroom decorating ideas and create your perfect bedroom today!