AC Not Working? Here’s What to Do

The sweltering heat in summer can cause great discomfort in your home. Many homeowners install air conditioning systems with the help of ac installation services to mitigate the impacts of excessive heat during hot seasons. However, an AC can malfunction when you need it most. If you encounter such a challenge, then Click Here for some specific measures to consider. There are instances where you can manage the issues yourself. However, in most cases, you’ll probably need to consult a professional. 

Here is what you can do if your AC is not working.

Air Conditioner Not Cooling

The primary function of this machine is to cool your home when it is hot. However, when the system is not cooling your house enough, there might be a problem that you can rectify by performing minor things. If the AC turns on but does not blow cold air, check that the thermostat is set properly, and the vents are open. You should also check if the filter is not clogged with debris and other dirt since they will block the airflow. You can clean the filter or change it so that the problem does not recur in the future. 

Insufficient cooling by your AC can be a result of a fan or motor not working. A problem with a fan can be a result of leakage of refrigerant or an electrical fault. Another thing is that your system may be too old or small for your house to produce sufficient cooling capacity. 

Enlist The Services Of An Expert Technician

At times the homeowner can troubleshoot and fix simple problems on the AC. However, an AC is more complicated than many people realize. When you feel that the problem is beyond your expertise, enlist the services of a professional. Expert technicians at explain that certified professionals can diagnose aircon issues and recommend viable solutions. Seasoned technicians like the ones from HVAC & plumbing services in Yukon, OK also offer services & repair, installation, and replacement, among other services. DIY solutions can be cost-effective, but the problem is that you can worsen the situation if you lack the right knowledge to fix some issues. So consider hiring professionals like the specialists who can provide AC repair in Crockett, TX.   

Leaking Water

Water leakages can also affect the normal functioning of your AC system. You will observe water leaks inside or outside the house when the system is running or even off. A clogged drain line can cause leaks, or your drain pan might be damaged. You can try to unclog the line using a vacuum cleaner or pressurized air. You can also replace the filter to fix the problem. When the filter is not working, the refrigerant may freeze when your system is not running. When the refrigerant cannot circulate freely, you will observe leaks along the drain line.  

It Does Not Turn On

When the unit does not turn on, you must check if it is properly plugged into the power supply and also see if the thermostat is set properly. You also need to go outside and check if the condenser is running. A blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker can also prevent your condenser from turning on. Your outdoor motor fan could be stuck. Rust and dirt can cause your motor fan to get stuck and needs to be repaired or replaced. 

Your AC does not turn off and continues running. A dirty or wrong size filter can make the system work extra hard, leading to problems when shutting off. A short in the thermostat cable, a stuck fan relay, or a damaged thermostat are further factors that can contribute to the problem of a continuously running AC. 

Noisy Fan

A noisy fan can also affect the normal functions of your AC system. If it produces a squeaky sound when it starts or when running, the fan motor could be infested with rust or other debris. It is important to clean the fan and ensure the blades are turning smoothly. Lubricate the motor so that it can run smoothly. However, use the right lubricant.  

An air conditioner may stop functioning when you need it most, and the repairs can be costly if they are serious. However, there are certain DIY measures you can take to identify and fix the problem. You must turn off the power whenever you tend to any issues. Likewise, you should also ensure that it is regularly serviced to prevent the development of problems that can be costly to repair. You need to schedule a major air conditioning maintenance service with your air conditioning repair technician at least once every year. All the same, you should keep it clean to prevent dirt and other debris that can clog the filter or motor.