5 Perfect Accessories for Your AR-10

Whether you are a competitive or hobby hunter, an enhanced AR-10 rifle is paramount to your success and ease of shooting. That is why we bring you a compilation of five perfect accessories for your AR-10 in this article.

You will also learn the benefits of adding these upgrades to your rifle, while at it.

Benefits of Adding a Few Upgrades

  • Better Reliability

A great upgrade makes your rifle more reliable. You will have more confidence in its ability because it shoots better. For instance, a rifle with a good muzzle brake will have less recoil and this ultimately makes it more reliable in firing follow-up shots.

  • Better Accuracy

Accessories such as scopes and barrels improve the accuracy of your rifle significantly. They ensure your experience especially in a long-range shooting is better than that of people shooting with bare muzzles. This precision is very important in competitive shooting.

  • More Customization

When looking to upgrade your rifle, customization is what is on your mind. An accessory that will enable this is the Picatinny rail. It provides the base for attachment of other accessories such as the scope or a laser.

A change in barrels will also enhance the speed of ammunition, enhancing your shots. Changing these accessories will customize your rifle for a personalized experience.

  • More Comfort

Your comfort is important and some accessories such as the grip will ensure it. The muzzle brakes action will also go a long way in reducing the discomfort of a strong recoil.

5 Perfect Accessories for Your AR-10

  • Picatinny Rails

A Picatinny rail is a standard interface upon which you can mount your rifle accessories. It was developed by the military to provides a base for accessory attachment. This is meant to hold them steadily in place for optimal functioning.

It is important to make sure that your accessories match your Picatinny rail because a mismatch will affect their effectiveness.

Please note that there are substantive differences between these rails and the Weaver rails and their compatibility with your accessories may come to play.

  • Scope

A reliable scope is one of the best accessories you can get for your AR-10, and for good reason. Scopes add to the accuracy of the rifle because they help you get a clearer vision of the target.

A scope helps with clarity because you can easily use its magnifying power to get a better view whether in long-range hunting or target shooting. They are relatively light and will not weigh your rifle down.

In addition, scopes provide a wider view of the field and this enhances your experience. You will be able to monitor the movement of your target and shoot with more precision than you would with your bare eyes.

  • Barrel

A great barrel will have high returns on your shooting experience. You see, a barrel will determine the velocity of your ammunition and also the accuracy of your weapon. Everyone wants great precision and a suitable barrel will give you that.

There is a huge variety to choose from depending on your budget and material /construction preferences.

Some of the heavier barrels are made of stainless steel, lighter ones are made of a mix of carbon fiber and stainless-steel and when it comes to durability, chrome-moly vanadium (CMV) barrels take the price.

  • Grip

If you desire more control over your AR-10 rifle, it is pertinent that you acquire a fitting grip. Investing in one will not only improve your handling of the weapon but also reduce the recoil action.

Resisting as much recoil action as possible goes a long way to increase the precision of the rifle. In addition to this, a grip improves the ergonomics of the rifle, providing more comfort for you, and reducing the occurrence of hand fatigue.

  • Muzzle Brakes

Using a bare muzzle may be ok for short-range shooting but the rifle recoil after firing might alter the experience. To solve this, muzzle brakes come in handy by reducing the recoil action by at least 50%.

With less recoil, you will be in a position to have more precision in long-range shots and even in fast follow-up shots. This enhancement is especially important in competitive shooting.

In conclusion, as an AR-10 rifle owner, you will need to enhance it with accessories such as the Picatinny rail, scope, barrel, grip, and muzzle brake.

This will enhance the accuracy and precision of your rifle, as well as comfort, consequently optimizing your shooting experience.