4 Accessories That Will Upgrade Your Table Saw

Whether you are a hobbyist or professional carpenter, you’re probably always on the lookout for tools that will help take your work to the next level. Woodcrafting is a specific skill and art form that is both about the vision of the individual behind it, and the quality of materials at hand. If you have a table saw, but are wondering how to take your work to the next level, or avoid a potentially brutal accident while practicing your favorite hobby, then the following ideas for accessories could help you out.

1. Saw Dust Collector Bin

Woodworking is a profoundly messy business, and all that saw dust is a beast to clean. It can also be dangerous to leave a lot of particles around, since you’re bound to miss something if you’re doing everything manually. If you’re tired of cleaning up the mess, then purchasing a saw dust collector bin can be a smart move, and will help grab those piles of sawdust that would otherwise simply make it to the floor, and all over your garage as a result. There are also ways to DIY a collector bin yourself, all you need is a cloth pouch and some velcro, and you’re all set.

2. Better Blades

Even the most skilled woodcutter would run into trouble without the best set of blades – it’s kind of the same for chefs, who only need the highest quality of knives at their disposal. The blade plays a major role in all your woodworking work, and some models can help deliver cleaner cuts, as you can see at Ryker Multi Tool Blades, who point out that the accessories need to fit your saw, and should work with whatever upgrade you choose. Nearly all woodworkers are in agreement that if you can afford to upgrade your blade then it would be a worthwhile investment. Yes, you can purchase slightly more affordable models, but bear in mind that this means you will be losing something in terms of the quality of your work, and definitely the cleanliness of your cut. 

3. A Gauge

Measuring your gauge is as important in woodcutting as it is in other handcrafts, such as knitting. Yes, you can go by the basic rules of forty five degrees or ninety degree angles, but it’s hard to be consistent based on simply eyeballing things. Purchasing a cut gauge meter can help you maintain a certain level of precision that you may not have thought possible with your simple – even if effective – saw. 

4. Starter Safety Set

Needless to say, safety is incredibly important when it comes to woodworking. A saw set will include accessories that will keep you safe from a variety of possible ailments, such as getting your fingers perilously close to the blade, or having sawdust fly up into your eyes or mouth. If you want to enjoy your favorite hobby, it’s best to do so in as safe a way as possible. 

There are so many tools available on the market these days that will upgrade your table saw, but be aware that the four listed above are perhaps your most essential to your enjoyment of the hobby. As we mentioned, woodworking is primarily an outlet for your creativity and skill with your hands, but you do need a few excellent tools to help you get started.