Reasons Why You May Need a Diesel Generator

Nothing can be more intimidating than navigating around your chores and regular business in a power blackout. For entrepreneurs, power interruptions often bring business into a standstill. Power supply emergencies can also subject homeowners to various kinds of dangers, safety risks, and financial losses. For instance, all that food in the fridge may go bad after just a few hours of power failure. In such and many other cases, power backup generators (and solar systems) come to save the day.

Well, there are many kinds of power generators, including standby, portable, and inverter options. By fuel type, the most common options include gasoline, diesel, and propane gas generators. Respectively, these units burn gasoline, diesel, and propane to produce energy. As you might have guessed, the diesel generator provides some perks over the other options mentioned. Here are some of the reasons why you may need a diesel generator for home or (especially) for commercial use.

1. They Are Powerful and Economical

We tend to have the notion that cheap is expensive, but this is not always the case. Diesel generators are inarguably more powerful compared to gasoline versions. They are more economical to purchase, and their operational costs are also lower because diesel is less expensive than gasoline. As hinted earlier, they are ideal for commercial use in businesses such as hospitals, supermarkets, and entertainment joints where a few minutes of power loss could cause huge losses and inconveniences. The folks at say that whenever your power goes down, regardless of the reason, your diesel generator will provide backup power in no time if not instantaneously. These generators also come in a wide range of sizes and capacities, so you will only have to choose the one that best suits your individual needs. Plus, considering how much power outages cost, having a diesel generator handy is certainly a smart investment. When you factor in the costs of spoiled food, lost business opportunities, and potential safety hazards, it becomes clear that having a reliable backup generator is crucial for any household or business.

2. You Need Higher Efficiency 

Fuel is among the many items we budget for when doing our monthly budget, and when the price hikes, the budget is turned upside-down. A diesel generator runs longer because it consumes roughly half the amount of fuel other types of generators consume. What more would one ask for if not a machine that performs the same task but consumes half as much fuel? Its lower consumption has been a significant contributor to its outstanding efficiency. To add to that, the generator is self-lubricating, which makes it even easier for it to maintain perfect operational shape. This fuel efficiency is part of what makes a diesel generator more cost-effective.

3. Diesel Is Safer

Fires have been a significant cause of accidents and deaths all over the world. Some of these fires and explosions come from generators, especially in the developing world. Well, as far as generator safety is concerned, this should be reason enough for you not to have a petroleum generator wherever. Diesel generators are safer because diesel produces vapors that are slow to ignite. When they do ignite, it is harder for them to cause an explosion. Compared to gasoline, diesel power generators are thus less hazardous.

4. Relatively Lower Maintenance

Unlike petroleum generators, diesel generators do not have spark plugs and carburetors, which often need regular changes. The only servicing a diesel generator needs is a regular oil change. Of course, there are several other basic maintenance tasks required to ensure your diesel generator performs at its best. This means that you may need a qualified mechanic to take a look at your generator occasionally. However, these tasks are normally not as involving as those of other types of generators.

5. Long-Lasting Generator 

When going for a piece of equipment, you go for equipment that will serve you the longest. It is a waste of finances and resources settling for less, which will have you going back to the shop sometime later. Diesel units last longer compared to petroleum units. This is in part because diesel burns burn at lower temperatures, which reduces the chances of damage. It helps increase the longevity of the generator. A diesel engine can last three times as much as the gasoline counterpart can. The longevity is even higher if it is well maintained and used appropriately.

6. Safe Portability 

When we take the kids out to play at the bouncing castles, do you realize there is a generator supplemented to handle the electricity job? As mentioned earlier, diesel is less explosive, making it a safer power source in areas not close to an electric outlet. A portable diesel generator can also be safely transported from one place to another.

Finally, electric power interruptions and outages paralyze a lot of activities, especially in business. Having a diesel generator is a great way to maintain comfort and sanity in your home or business whenever power outages strike. Especially if you don’t use it that much, it can be a great investment for powering your home or business, more so for long-term power emergencies.