Reasons Missoula Businesses Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Missoula is a delightful location in Montana, America. Its residents enjoy a good quality of life and beautiful scenery. There are lovely places to eat, a good beer to be found, and farmers’ markets too. There are a number of big companies to be found in Missoula, including Watkins and Shephard Trucking, the Montana Rail Link, and the Consumer Direct Care Network.

Sadly accidents are a part of life. It may surprise you to learn that America has over thirty million reported injuries each year. Nearly $700bn are paid annually as compensation. This makes an average of $24,000 per person claiming. Some injuries occur in the workplace or because of alleged faulty products or services. It is for this reason that businesses sometimes need personal injury lawyers. Let’s find out a little more right now. 

The Adversaries can be Big Companies 

When big companies are involved in legal proceedings, they can afford costly legal personal representation. According to the experts at, some personal injury lawyers have a good track record against such companies. They may also have good success rates when dealing with big insurance companies. This helps when the insurance companies are disputing compensation payouts. 

Because Accidents Happen at Work 

Think about the different scenarios that can occur at work: An employee may have a slip or fall and blame the premises or equipment. Their personal injury lawyer may be looking to prove negligence or malpractice. Lawyers will request photos and health and safety reports to assist proceedings. 

Wrongful deaths sometimes occur at work. Lawyers will be looking for similar evidence to that mentioned above. It could be that a customer buys a safety harness that apparently fails. The attorneys would be looking at whether a faulty product was responsible, or if inadequate training occurred with another person or organization. 

Someone could fall prey to medical malpractice at a clinic or hospital. The results could be a wrongful death, disability, or birth injury. Attorneys get to work to see whether the relevant staff were untrained or simply being reckless and irresponsible. Medical equipment and its maintenance would also be highly relevant here. 

Settlements can be a Nightmare

If a personal injury claim is being made against a company, they may wish to resolve it out of court. One reason would be to prevent any adverse publicity that would occur if it went that far. Personal injury lawyers are generally chosen for their experience: how long they have been operating and how successful they have been in this particular scenario. Their knowledge of the medical issues and compensation figures also prove invaluable here. 

If a company has a claim of negligence or malpractice taken out against it, the employer will want to know several things: What are the chances of winning against the claimant? Should they accept liability? What would be a suitable settlement figure?  Offers can be stressful when it comes to compensation offers, and personal injury lawyers can help people sail these troubled seas. 

The Lawyer can be the Company’s Voice

An attorney can advise an accused company to stay silent, including on social media. They can also advise against dealing with insurance companies or claimants directly. If the case does end up in court, the attorney will become the company’s advocate. Businesses may know lots about their work, but little about the law and its due process. Lawyers can help employers know what to expect and what documents to put together. This will include professional statements, witness statements, and medical photos. 

Attorneys can Think Outside the Box

Car and truck accidents are very common, and sometimes they are work-related. The person involved in the crash may blame the company’s vehicle and say it was maintained incorrectly, or that a part was faulty. Lawyers will be interested to see photographic evidence of the incident. This is because the road could be at issue. If there were loose stones and gravel on the road, it could invite skidding. If the light was low, it could have blinded one of the drivers. 

A claimant may present a doctor’s report that implies a company was responsible for an injury. An attorney may push for a specialist or consultant’s report instead, as this carries more weight in court. The doctor will be qualified in most general conditions, but a specialist will have a deeper and more relevant understanding. Such things as pre-existing medical conditions and other factors may come to the fore and affect the verdict.

As we have seen, accidents and injury claims can occur for a variety of reasons. Businesses need to ensure they are compliant and legally represented. This puts them in the best place to succeed and to continue to do business.