How to Write an A+ Essay

Writing an essay doesn’t have to be a tedious task. In fact, it can be quite enjoyable once you know the steps in order to write that perfect essay. We all have bad habits when it comes to writing papers for school, and it can be hard to change those habits. However, don’t fret. Writing that perfect essay is as easy as placing your fingers on your keyboard and typing away…well, with a few more steps added into the process. 

What is an Essay?

First, you should know what an essay is before you begin writing. When assigned an essay writing project in college, then you will likely have a few parameters to work around. An actual essay is typically a shorter piece that will give your own argument about a given topic.

However, nowadays, the term ‘essay’ is used for a variety of types of papers and topics. It can range from anything from a research paper to a short story. An essay can be defined by the actual project that is assigned to you within the parameters of how to write it. 

There are many great resources for essay writing. You can find them anywhere from to your college library. There are numerous tips for structuring and writing essays, as well as essay writers who can help you proofread your essay before you turn it in for grading. 

How to Write

If you are unsure of how to write an essay, then take these steps in order to ensure that you have a well-written essay that can be churned out in only a few hours. Listed here are the steps to take for writing a quality essay in no time at all:


Your first step is to research the information that you will be writing about. The research involved with essay writing can be as extensive as you want. This also depends on how long your essay needs to be and how much of your essay is your own opinion on a set topic. Of course, when it is your own opinion, you still need to research as you will want to give factual information in order to back up your opinion. 

Surprisingly, the more research that you do, and the longer that you spend on this portion of your essay-writing experience, the shorter the actual writing time will take you. You can also take all of your notes and quotes and keep them in a handy google document in order to have easy access to them once you begin writing. 

Your Topic

Of course, your topic will make or break your essay, and you may not have a choice with the topic that you are writing about. If your teacher assigns you a topic, then you will want to be sure that you give the topic the right focus that makes it easier to write for you and easier for your teacher to want to read! You can turn any topic into your own essay with the right focus. 

For example, if your topic is politics, then you can add a focus such as ‘woman president’ or ‘benefits of more than two political parties.’ This makes your topic more focused which will make your essay more organized overall and much easier to write. This will also make the research portion of your topic go faster as well. 

Use a Formula

As with any type of writing, once you have a formula in place, then you can start cranking out essays in no time at all. When you have created a formula for essay writing, then you can write all of your essays much faster using the same formula. This can include a formula in the body of your essay, which can include anything from three to five main points, followed by your conclusion. Of course, your introduction will vary pending on your topic and your focus, but you will always want to spend more time coming up with a creative introduction with each different essay topic. 

Finally, always remember to proofread and re-read your essay to ensure it’s error-free. As you can see, there are numerous tips for writing the perfect essay. If you are feeling strapped for time, then you can turn these tips into that perfect essay that will only take a few hours of your day! Before you know it, you’ll start loving the essay writing portion of any of your classes, and your teachers will enjoy your essays as much as you love writing them. Happy writing and good luck.