What Kids Are Doing These Days: FPS Gaming

Many parents can remember using early computers. The screens were green, and masses of the text had to be entered to log on. If there were games they were highly basic, and feature very basic sound effects. In a comparatively short space of time, things have progressed beyond recognition. These days, young people are disappearing to their rooms for hours at a time, playing games that are as virtual as they are fun. 

Some parents may have heard the phrase ‘FPS gaming’ and wondered what it means. This article is going to take a look at the technical side, and also the genre.

It’s a Whole New World

Computer gaming is big business, and lots of resources have been created around it. Gamers can access the internet and find the latest hints and tips for playing their favorite games. One article from BestGamingSettings.com takes a look at one called Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. The article discusses such things as the best MP5 loadouts, offensive MP5 warzone loadouts, and top loadouts for range. Gamers want to be able to access helpful articles such as, ‘Loadouts for beginners’, ‘Best assault rifle loadouts’, and ‘Best Sniper loadouts’.

It’s Actually a Genre

When people speak of FPS gaming they are not just talking about the technical stuff; they are talking about a genre. They are usually fast-paced games, and full of action. Call of Duty is a franchise and has brought out several other games to the one previously mentioned. One example is ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’. Other war games exist too, such as Battlefield 1. 

People can play games offline if they wish. If they go online, they can connect to other players, and communicate with them during the game. Whilst people can choose to play alone and do their own thing, the games are often better when people work strategically with others in teams.

One of the addictive aspects of FPS games is the element of the unexpected. When things are unpredictable, anyone or anything can be lurking above, below, or at any side. These games are not just limited to the frontline. There may be robots in Titanfall 2, or zombies to contend with in Left For Dead 2.

But What Does FPS Stand For?

Now for the technical stuff! FPS stands for Frames Per Second. It is a measurement of a computer’s performance. A PC doesn’t need a lot of powerful hardware or software to just access the internet or create Word documents. When people start creating music or video content, things go up a gear. Gaming is another activity that requires a lot from a computer. Having a higher FPS is all about enjoying a faster reaction time when playing. 

When the Computer Copes

If a computer has been optimized for a top gaming experience, the animation will be smoother. Each frame of the game will transition seamlessly. When shooting an opponent, it becomes easy to find the target and nail them. System latency is all about how long it takes your keyboard or mouse activity to be reflected in the display. If the gaming is running fast (because of low system latency), you can see the enemy before they see you. There is a feeling of advantage over the competition because the computer feels more responsive. If someone is playing a war game, it can be a matter of life and death! 

When the Computer Doesn’t Cope

If a computer is struggling with its heavy workload, there will be visual distractions such as ghosts and tears. Ghosting is where the scene changes but the colors take a while to catch up. This is because pixels don’t change instantly, but need a little time. (An example would be a shift from a blue sea to a green landscape). Tearing is where people see two frames simultaneously, and there will be a horizontal line across the images. 

Lower computer power can adversely affect the graphics card, reducing picture quality. Whilst retro games with basic graphics can be very nostalgic, modern games thrive on good graphics and powerful computer memory. When a processor begins to work overtime, pictures begin to blur and the lifelikeness of the gaming experience is depleted.  

As we have seen, computer games are getting more and more lifelike. They offer an increasing set of options, including being able to play online with others. Twitch streaming now provides amazing opportunities to record yourself playing games and to make money during the process.

It’s impossible to separate computer technology from the games themselves. To maximize the experience, gamers want computers that are more than equal to the task. The results are a high FPS rate, quick response times, and great graphics.